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ACO System Chain
The ACO System Chain creates drainage solutions for tomorrow's environmental conditions.

Increasingly extreme weather conditions require increasingly complex darainage concepts. To achieve these, ACO creates highly-intelligent strategic solutions that serve a dual-purpose: protect people from water, and (ground)water from people. Today, ACO provides a complete system chain to collect, clean, hold and release water, tailored in each case to the special needs of industry and logistics, public infrastructure, commercial construction, gardening and landscaping, as well as the construction of housing. Each ACO product defines the way of water within the ACO System Chain for both an ecologically and economically valuable utilization. Climate change, urbanisation and environmental pollution are future trends, which require innovative products not only to satisfy the high demands required by function, but also for design - to satisfy the needs of good architecture. Our trend-setting technologies focus on building the world of tomorrow: ACO products are first choice when it comes to innovation and design.

Gather and capture

Intelligent drainage solutions gather and collect surface water as quickly and completely as possible to protect buildings, private properties and infrastructural pavings from damage. This step of the ACO System Chain - efficiently implemented - prevents ponding or flooding and therefore, people from water-caused accidents while walking or driving.


The water collected is pre-treated using integrated physical, chemical or biological processes until it meets the gouvernmental minimum standards for being released to the public sewing system. This part of the ACO System Chain enables the collected surface water to be used or reused in ecological sustainable ways.

Store and retain

Climate change leads to new extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfalls and storms followed by dry seasons where we need higher volumes of water than usual. ACO's barriers, ventiles and retention elements help to capture and store the collected, pre-treated water for later use or infiltration to overcome these droughts. This part of the ACO System Chain offers safety for situation of high demands including flooding, storms, compaction or if critical liquids threaten to contaminate the ground water/ sewing system.

Pump, drain, reuse

ACO pump stations, lifting plants and channel systems transfer the collected, stored and tested water to following circuits or sewing systems. This step is the final destination of the collected, stored and tested water within the ACO System Chain for further use or reuse.