Flood-resistant as per ift guidelines*

Product benefits

  • Largest possible glass area
  • Integrated thermal insulation due to multi-chamber hollow profiles
  • Pure white surface
  • Same colour on frame and casement
  • With slamming shut protection for safe latching into position in open tilted state

Product information

  • Left-hung/right-hung version
  • With film wrapping to protect the product
  • With enclosed handle
  • Including fixing material
  • Watertight up to at least 1.0 m and flood resistant up to 1.4 m as per ift guidelines "flood-resistant windwos and doors"
  • Burglary resistant with resistance class 1 (WK 1)*
  • The assembly must be executed by a qualified contractor (no exchange hardware).
  • Low-E glazing
  • Laminated safety glass glazing
  • With lockable handle
  • *Test report 211 37565 can be viewed under: www.aco-hochbau.de/service/zertifikate

Lockable handle

Suitable for
  • Tilt and turn window
  • White