Top sections standard for gully body Easyflow

Product information

  • Top sections with square and circular gratings
  • Lockable or loosely inserted square gratings
  • Standard top sections cover the following types of floor structures
    • Type A: Floor structure without any insulation
    • Type B: Floor structure is insulated by thickness of floor covering
    • Type E: Floor structure with a sealing membrane
    • Type F: Floor structure is insulated by two sealing membranes


Note: Top sections with slot widths ≤ 8 mm are suitable for barefoot areas.

Note: The top sections should be cut to size between the maximum and minimum adjustable heights depending on the version and floor structure height.


Suitable for
  • All Easyflow floor drains
  • Top sections
    • Socket diameter 125 mm
  • Walk-in with gully sockets
  • Made of plastic
  • Suitable for taking plastic top sections and clamping flanges
  • With lip seal
  • For deeper installation of floor gullies
  • Weight: 0.3 kg

Thin-bed flange

Suitable for
  • All Easyflow top sections
    • 2500.77.11
    • 2700.77.11
    • 2700.77.12
  • Top section with socket diameter 125 mm
  • Plastic flange with sprayed-on fleece
  • Suitable for taking liquid sealants added on-site using thin bed process
  • Weight: 0.2 kg