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About Building Material
The future of Drainage in and surround private housing.

Building Material represents, next to Surface Water Management (Civil Enginering) and Building Drainage, one of the strategic business fields within the ACO Group, selling residential products.

Intelligent solutions for demanding weather conditions.

Characterized by innovation, function as well as design, our products satisfy the increasingly complex specifications of protecting buildings from once-in-a-century weather events.The focus today is on integrated system solutions to protect cellars from incoming water, rainwater management on roofs and facades, as well as property drainage and rainwater utilisation for houses, yards and gardens. Moreover, the demands for barrier-free construction, which are becoming more and more popular, challenge our innovation strength, just as the rise in the demands for design, so we can be an adequate partner for architects and planners.

A strong team for a sustainable future.

Building Material is supported by 41 countries who create, refine and offer the best solutions to their clients - customized and individually adapted to their special needs. However, ACO Building Material is more than just subsidiaries standing shoulder to shoulder: All colleagues work closely together within the frame of the ACO Group, building up a level of 'naked' trust which relies on mutual fairness and transperency.This gives a big sense of security to our clients all around the world. In us, they have an industrial partner who works together with its various companies beyont national borders, and even across continents. A company which is highly stable, and is capable of tackling even the most extreme challenges within a very short period of time. They can build on the group, tackle challenges jointly, and develop further with ACO.

Please refer to our Building Material organisation to get the latest overview of our board's and Competence Center's constellation.

About the ACO Group
Creating the future of Drainage.

As a world market leader in drainage technology, ACO is committed to creating and manufacturing the best solutions to water management. We understand the challenges, which come with climate change and respond with innovative solutions to new environmental conditions. The ACO Group employees 5.400 people in more than 44 countries, who work everyday on protecting people from water, and (ground)water from people. For this target, ACO designs and manufactures a variety of products made from polymer concrete, plastic, concrete, steel and cast iron at 35 production sites in 18 countries. Each product defines the way of water within our ACO System Chain 'collect, clean, hold, release' to facilitate an ecological, sustainable and economical water utilisation.

All over the world, customers benefit from ACO's strengths:

  • the continuity of management offered by a family-owned company,
  • market leadership in the core business surface water management,
  • the greater part of in-house development and production,
  • local presence in emerging markets all around the world,
  • clear leadership in quality and innovation

ACO, a family-owned company with reliable and authentic values leaded by Hans-Julius Ahlmann and his son Iver Ahlmann, attaches high importance to transparency and continuity when working with clients, business partners or employees. Founded in 1946 by Josef-Severin Ahlmann, ACO furthermore offers a high level of experience in developing and producing efficient, high-standard drainage solutions. Sharing and exchanging knowledge, i.a. within ACO's internal institutions of education, in combination with a vibrant multicultural business culture round off an image of a global player, which never forgets its roots and keeps its feet firmly on the ground.

Click here to find out more about ACO's history or here to read about ACO's facts and figures including the strategic growth history.