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Building Material Awards

ACO Voronoi design grating wins the Reddot award 2020 in Germany

The ACO Voronoi design grating was designed by the French artist Franck Magné and inspired by a natural pattern or phenomenom - the 'voronoi'. In nature, the pattern can be found on the fur of a giraffe, on the wings of dragonflies or when droughts crack the surface of earth. Geometric shapes, which seem to be randomly arranged at first glance, create a naturally unique design. Due to it's organic soul, the Voronoi grating matches perfectly with mineral or botanical surroundings. With his inspiration by nature, Franck Magné created an experience, not only an object. Also the jury of the Reddot award 2020 saw the best in this ACO product.

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ACO Vario design grating convinced the jury of the Plus X award

To integrate Lightshafts beautifully and functionally in domestic architecture is easy with ACO Vario design gratings. The possibility to apply individual flooring to a light shaft grating, gives planners and architects a new tool to add the perfect finish to their designs. The ACO Vario design grating was priced for its high quality, comfort and functionality.

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Best building material industry 2019 (origin. Ger.: Beste Baustoffindustrie 2019)

The Austrian association of builder's merchants has selected the best building materials industry 2019. A great success for ACO Austria: Among 59 industry companies, ACO has been voted number one for the first time.

Profiline X priced for innovative material and architecture 2019

Façade drainage secures threshols from water or snow and thus prevent water or dirt entering the house. Especially when incorporated in barrierfree designs, façade channels need to be resistant to environmental influences and highly-functional at the same time. The new - and awarded - Profiline X has a body made from glass fibre reinforced plastic to ensure its power and a grating made from stainless steel to deliver a high-standard design. This unique composition of the product offers constructors a cost-effective solution to fullfill all wishes of their clients.

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Profiline Free wins the Detail product price for construction and material

Thresholds with a maximum of barrierfree design challenge the interfaces of door, sealing and drainage system. The ACO Profiline Free braves these demanding conditions and still contributes to an outstanding architectual design. With the ACO Profiline Free, ACO, alwitra and profine created a successfully tested and certified (DIN 18040 - part 1+ 2) solution for the barrierfree threshold system PremiPlan® Plus.

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And the Oscar goes to...

ACO wins the major German award - the 'BaustoffMarkt-Oskar' (translated: building material industy Oscar) - for a second time since 2011. In 1982, the business magazin 'baustoffmarkt' awarded enterprises for the first time to honour good partnerships between players of the building material industry and the builder's merchants. Iver Ahlmann accepted the award together with ACO's managing directors Søren Olsen, Francesco Vitale and Thomas Bannas during the BAU 2019 in Munich.

ACO wins the Eurobaustoff alliance Consortis award for outstanding supplier relations

ACO ranked second at CONSORTIS Baustoff-Allianz suppliers award. Decisive factors were reliability, specialist dealer loyality, market cultivation, innovation, reliability of delivery, and the support of in-house and field sales. ACO head of sales Torsten Kühl (2. f. l.) proudly received the award.

ACO wins four 'Stein im Brett Awards 2018'

The German market research institute 'Heinze' annually awards enterprises with the ibau Stein im Brett award. The jury consists of around 200.000 experienced craftsmen from the construction industry in Germany. ACO won the award in four categories: 'rainwater management', 'external surface drainage', 'civil engineering' and 'flat roof drainage'. ACO was voted no. 2 by the processors.

An Award for the best branding and positioning for ACO UK

ACO UK has been awarded the Construction Marketing Award 2018 in the category "Best branding and positioning". The jury lay great stress upon ACO's thought through campaigns which present products in an appealing and modern way.

An award winning Gazelle Company 2018: ACO Estonia

"Gazelle companies" are companies which achieved a growth of 50%, a high profitability and an ever-expanding number of employees within a time span of three years. ACO Estonia is one of these companies awarded with this title.

ACO Germany receives the Architects' Darling 2018

ACO won the Architects' Darling 2018 in the category "Open landscape solutions/Landscape gardening". In the categories "Drainage technology" and "Accessibility", ACO came second.

ACO France provides the construction product of the year 2018

The French building construction and civil engineering union BTP has selected ACO wood grid as "Product of the Year 2018".

The Iconic Award 2017 for the ACO Self point gully XtraPoint

The black coloured and drivable ACO Self XtraPoint wins the Iconic Award 2017. One of its particularly innovative features ist the modified paving edge, which enables direct paving to the body. In addtion, the ACO XtraPoint gratings can be turned in 90° angles and a sump unit can be integrated for a most comfortable maintenance. With a self weight of 2100g, the ACO XtraPoint is up to 90% lighter than conventional point drains.

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