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ACO Building Material references worldwide

The listing underneath shows a variety of construction projects which have been realised with ACO Building Material products. If you are interested in looking for more case studies, including surface water management and building drainage products, please refer to the local websites of ACO or to the references on

Handke-fountain at Burgstadl

Griffen is one of the most ancient residential areas of Kärnten in Austria. It is known for the monastery Griffen, a castle ruin on a hill, a stalactite cave, a nice scenery and last but not least for the famous author and Nobelist in literature Peter Handke.

ACO Austria provided Griffen with an eye-catching version of the ACO Euroline: The channel was placed right in the center of a fountain to honour Peter Handke by integrating one of his famous quotations into channel's grating. The quotation was cut into a 12 meters long, custom made, stainless steel grating. The channel itself is drivable for private cars and adds a splash of style to the plaza.

Residential area Landskron

The extraordinary Austrian construction project 'LANDSITZ' does not only provide gorgeous living space but also joie de vivre to its inhabitants. It's wide and scenic outdoor area incorporates lakes, park areas, possibilities for modern urban gardening, a play ground for kids, a fenced meeting zone for pets and several shared spaces for parties or activities.

The residential area is self-sustaining to the greatest possible extent, car-free and thus presumed to be a forward-looking, trendsetting living concept.

ACO Austria equipped this project with serveral products from roof to ground. Aside from BD or SWM products (such as parkinglot drainage or commercial channels), a variety of Building Material products contribute to making the houses most livable: ACO Therm windows and light shafts bring light and cosiness into the basements, ACO grass grids stabilise the surrounding parking spaces in a sustainable way and ACO Therm Blocks enabled a comfortable light shaft installation as well as the prevention of thermal bridges.

Sonnwendviertel in Vienna

The city district “Sonnwendviertel” is located south of the new railway station in Vienna. By 2025, 5.500 flats, 20.000 jobs and an educational campus are to be built on the site of the former freight station.

ACO provides a variety of high quality and high-functional products for this major Viennese project. From classicline drainage channels to innovative shoe scraper systems: The architects had a lot to choose from.

ACOs Drainage solutions

Safe and sustainable rainwater management starts with the safe collection of rainwater from paved surfaces. ACO offers a comprehensive drainage product range to protect people and buildings from rainwater that enables a high level of comfort.

The ACO Drain Profiline is the professional solution for efficient façade drainage. Especially threshold areas of terraces or balconies are very vulnerable to being damaged by standing or splash water. The ACO Profiline offers a high drainage capacity to keep water and moisture outside at any time – even with barrier-free applications. A large selection of gratings allows flexible design adaptations to the surroundings.

The Sonnwendquater is a great example of how smart ACOs System Chain is. The architects did not only choose ACO for the façade drainage or the shoe scrapers but also for the vertical pipes and drainage channels at areas with frequent traffic. All of the products are connected with eachother to perfectly provide one big drainage system for the whole project.

SeeSee Home – Urban lakeside Aspern

Vienna’s urban lakeside is one of the largest urban development areas in Europe. By 2028, a whole new city with emotional and intelligent impacts will be created in the northeast of Vienna. In several stages, high-end living space for more than 20.000 people and almost as many jobs will be created. Innovative concepts result in a sustainable district that combines a quality of life with dynamic economic power.

Where would ACO products fit better than in a place where urbanity and nature blend so well?

ACOs rainwater retention systems directly compensate the extreme weather conditions that come with climate change. They efficiently store a particularly high volume of rainwater underground either to infiltrate into the soil during droughts or to enable a reuse of rainwater within the household. At SeeSee Home, the architects decided to install theACO Stormbrixx HD infiltration system to provide the later inhabitants always with a beautifully moisture landscape at any time of the year and to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle with a stable ground-water level.

Family houses Styria

No light shaft, no light – A cellar light shaft is a necessary component belonging in front of any kind of cellar window that lies underground. ACO Therm cellar light shafts ensure a maximum of light incidence as well as ideal air exchange in basement rooms. They are dimensionally stable, have a long service life and are accessible either by foot or by car. Another unique feature is that they can be installed directly on the basement wall, on perimeter insulation or for pressurized watertight applications. The advantages of the brand-new ACO concrete light shafts can now be experienced real-life at the two newly build family houses in Styria.

Concrete light shaft – the robust all-rounder

ACO concrete light shafts (with or without base) made of reinforced exposed concrete create basement living space by bringing light into the cellar rooms, even under difficult conditions where conventional plastic light wells reach their limits. Installation time is short, as the light shafts are fully prefabricated and there is no concrete work on site. A wide range of standard sizes ensures flexibility for a wide variety of conditions.

The light shafts are not only extremely robust due to the material’s quality and construction, but come also with lots of intelligent innovative features. Internal threaded sleeves for example not only ensure damage-free transport with the help of rope loops, but also serve as a fastening point for the grate lift-off protection. In the light shaft version with a base, a slope towards the drainage opening has been taken into account to ensure a perfect and fast water outlet to the sewer system.

ACO concrete light shafts are suitable for all ACO Therm reveal cellar windows and a large number of other windows. The light shafts can be equipped with ACO steel extension elements to achieve an optimum adaptation to the desired height. The extensive range of light shaft accessories (backfill panels, light well covers, …) leaves nothing to be desired.

National gallery Lower Austria

ACO and modern architecture, that simply fits! The national galley lower Austria is part of the Krems Art Mile and a cultural hotspot with unique architecture in the Wachau World Heritage Site. Products of the whole ACO system chain went into this project – for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Rainwater harvesting focusses on two major issues: Groundwater recharge as well as the retention and controlled release of the limited resource rainwater. Rainwater retention basins or storage channels are traditionally used to meet these targets. However, it is also possible to store as much rainwater as you like underground. The ACO Stormbrixx infiltration system offers such an innovative and optimal solution: A stackable system, which is easy to transport, to install and extendible to any volume you like. Previously collected and cleaned rainwater flows into the ACO Storbrixx block and will be slowly infiltrated to the ground for a higher groundwater level and a sustainable nature.

Before the water can run into the Stormbrixx, many meters of ACO’s façade drainage system Profiline collect rainwater from the beautiful façade of the national gallery. The threshold area between indoor and outdoor areas is especially vulnerable to water damages. Therefore, satisfying drainage concepts always ensure that no moisture can enter the building from terraces, roof gardens or balconies. ACO façade gutters offer a high rainwater drainage capacity and drain away even large amounts of rain in a safe and quickly manner. A variety of gratings from standard to high-end allows flexible design adaptations to the surrounding.

Classics Reloaded

The smell of gasoline, the sound of roaring engines, the lines of beautiful American cars: Classics Reloaded is the US car partner in Austria!

In their showroom, American classics meet modern car types of the USA. To make such a kind of showroom in an automotive environment even possible, an efficient drainage system is needed to collect any occurring surface water. ACOs products met both the required efficiency and the aesthetical expectations of the construction concept for Classics Reloaded.

Petrol, engine oil, grease – common in a car workshop’s daily routine. These grease-containing substances are not allowed to enter the sewage system unfiltered and need to be separated from the wastewater. At Classics Reloaded, the ACO Lipumax-G was installed. A high-efficient grease separator that cleans wastewater before it is fed into the sewer system and that is made from GRP promising an extremely low self-weight.

ACO point gullies had been installed to collect wastewater from the surfaces and to enable its way to the ACO grease separator. Aside of the ACO Combipoint for higher load classes, ACO yard gullies (load class A15 - B125) support the access of surface water to the ACO channel system.

'DC Living' in Vienna

With DC Living, two new energy-efficient buildings with around 300 flats were built in the heart of the Donau-City in Vienna. High and exclusive standards were the main focus of this construction project. The district offers residents a great deal of comfort, such as a concierge service, a private spa and fitness area. Accordingly, high demands were also placed on the exterior drainage of the area. A combination of several ACO products was installed as a complete solution.

A mixture of ACO Multiline and ACO Profiline channels was used for the linear drainage of the outdoor spaces. While the ACO Multiline is particularly robust and therefore suitable for rougher applications, the ACO Profiline façade channels are impressive due to their design combined with functionality when draining large amounts of rainwater at threshold areas safely and quickly. The drainage system was supplemented by different ACO yard drains, which are available in walkable or drivable versions. The ACO yard drain portfolio offers a whole modular system with different gully bodies made from polymer concrete and many different gratings. Especially the brand-new Europoint gratings enable architects to perfectly harmonize their complete drainage system by sticking to one grating design for adjacent channels and gullies.

Residential district Franzosengraben

At the site ‘Franzosengraben’ in Vienna a total area of 10.000 m² offers affordable, owner-occupied or rented flats to inhabitants of all ages.

ACO was able to prove to be a reliable partner for this huge project in terms of balcony drainage systems. The ACO Profiline helps to keep the threshold areas of the whole property clean and moisture free. The channels are able to collect impressive volumes of rainwater even during heavy rainfall events. At the Franzosengraben also ACO pipes were installed to lead the collected rainwater from the balconies directly down to the sewer system.

ACO UK provides slot drainage solution for award-winning garden by Greg Jacobs

Green Acorn Lanscape Design is owned and run by lanscaping expert Greg Jacobs. It specialises in modern and contemporary outdoor living spaces. In Wigan Greg Jacobs was approached to provide a solution for a small, untidy, overgrown garden with a challenging gradient.

“First and foremost, the client wanted the garden to be modernised and serviceable, which was challenging enough given the topography of the space,” explains Greg. “But it also needed to have that aesthetic ‘wow factor’. Their daughter’s prom night was coming up, so along with making sure the garden could form a picturesque backdrop for the evening, they also wanted to make outdoor living a bigger part of their lifestyle.”

To combat the steep incline of the garden, Green Acorn Landscape Design opted for a three-tiered approach. The bottom level allowed for outdoor eating and entertaining, the middle space for relaxation in the sunshine, and the top level – containing a water feature and pergola – facilitated relaxation in a more sheltered space.

Crucially, the visually striking aesthetic of the garden needed to be underpinned by an effective yet discreet water management solution that prevents pooling of water at the bottom of the tiers. "Drainage is key to any project, but particularly this one is with it being a tiered garden", says Greg. “We opted for ACO HexDrain® (Hexaline) Brickslot owing to its minimalistic look. Its discreet appearance means it can fit into virtually any garden design, and we do in fact use it across all of our projects as a result. The Brickslot is also very small in terms of its footprint, which for a garden tight on space, such as this one, is a further advantage.”

The innovative three-tired approach to the project has resulted in Green Acorn Landscape Design winning a 2020 BALI National Landscape Award. Drainage solutions as the ACO slot channels are a key consideration in building and landscape projects and vital for architects by being both practical, and in-keeping with core aesthetic values.

Discreet slot channel drainage for innovative garden design

Outdoor space is an increasingly sought-after commodity, with research suggesting that a well-kept stylish garden can add as much as 20% to a property’s value. Aside from the financial returns, there is also an increasing acknowledgement of the link between outdoor space and mental wellbeing.

The key role of drainage

Installing effective drainage is integral to the long-term health of a garden, which is why Langlea Garden Design and Construction pays close attention to the products it uses in its award-winning projects. Key to the success of its projects is a sophisticated bottom-up approach that seeks to deliver gardens that don’t just look good, but are built to last. Integral to the longevity and health of a landscaping project is its drainage, which is why it must be considered from an early stage. Trends such as biophilic design seek to connect buildings with nature, which is especially pertinent when you consider we spend more than 90% of our lives indoors. However, there is no replacement for time spent outside, and the positive effect of a well-kept garden should not be underestimated.

For a number of its projects, Langlea has opted for ACO’s HexDrain® Brickslot drainage, owing to its discreet finish which doesn’t impinge on the overall design of the garden. In projects such as Line and Pocket Oasis, the understated HexDrain® Brickslot quietly manages water flow without drawing the eye. Francesca Sideris, Co-owner of Langlea, said: “We use ACO products on a number of our projects, predominantly due to the versatility it offers for the wide range of landscape styles we produce. The ‘Complete the Look’ offering is a brilliant example of this, which allows us to easily match gratings to the surroundings. But we also know that while looking good, the drainage has to perform to a level that ensures the ongoing health of the garden. We have found the HexDrain® Brickslot is not only extremely durable, but it has been very reliable across a number of our projects, which for us is key, especially as our clients often request premium designs.”

Swimming pools are another landscaping feature that benefit from effective drainage. Francesca explains: “We worked on a project called Fracture, which involved a heated swimming pool in the back garden. Drainage was essential to prevent rainwater running from the patio into the pool, as this would result in unwanted substances entering the water."

The primary role of drainage in gardens is to prevent rainwater from collecting and causing damage to the structural integrity of landscape features. It essentially serves as a ‘behind the scenes’ function, which ensures that the outdoor space continues to be usable. Oliver Collins, Product Marketing Manager, Building and Landscape at ACO Water Management, comments: “Drainage is something that should be considered in the earliest stages of landscape design, as careful positioning is crucial to its performance. By factoring in drainage channels right from the outset, landscape designers can ensure that gardens continue to look great, even when the weather isn’t.”

Drainage shouldn’t be viewed in opposition to pleasant aesthetics. With a number of discreet options and a variety of designs and finishes available, it should contribute to the look of a garden.

ACO's reinforcement solution provides a natural and stable ground for gardening

Vegetable plants need lots of space and nurturing to help them grow. While wheelbarrows can be a gardener’s best friend
and assist with a variety of tasks gravel paths add an even more natural look to gardens or garden centers. Applied to public spaces, not only workers, but also a variety of clients of all ages walk these paths frequently to select plants for their home.

However, wheels or heels and unstabled gravel are natural enemies, tend to make manoeuvres difficult and cause unwanted mess.

ACO’s award winning ground reinforcement system, was installed by one contractor looking to secure gravel and provide a neat outdoor garden area, easily navigable by a wheelbarrow. Berkshire based Bradfield & Davies are a building and landscape firm that specialise in high-end building and landscape projects. With over 25 years’ of experience in the industry, the company was selected to undertake a project to create an attractive yet practical vegetable garden, in the Pangbourne region. The customer wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor area finished with decorative aggregate walkways, to enable them to tend to the growing vegetables with ease. Crucially the walkways had to be suitable for wheelbarrow use, to allow the customer to transport planting equipment throughout the garden. Providing adequate drainage is another important factor when it comes to garden renovations. Replacing grass garden areas with non-permeable surfaces can increase the risk of flooding.

ACO's reinforcement system was selected and provided the perfect solution. It is a lightweight system which acts as a stabilisation tile, holding the gravel in place whilst also allowing wheels to navigate the area with ease. It gives the garden the decorative finish for an overall perfectly natural design. It can be easily cut to shape for irregular edging. The interlocking clip fixings help the landscapers to quickly install the product.

In this case, Bradfield and Davies designed and created an attractive, yet practical vegetable garden. Growing your own veggies combined with a natural looking, sustainable drainage solution is the perfect answer to the worldwide sustainability, which is trending today.

ACO reinforcement solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications including paths, driveways, parking areas and access routes. For this project, the landscapers chose the ACO grass grid and filled it with gravel. However since 2021, our new GravelGrid is the optimal solution for stabilizing any kind of gravel surfaces. Available in different versions and a variety of colours, it fits perfectly to any gravel colour and withstands different loadclasses.

From a humble community centre to an award-winning eco-friendly hub

The community centre in Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire decided to create the ‘Eco Hub’ – a unique eco-friendly facility providing a variety of meeting spaces for community activities and local classes, alongside a self-contained corporate suite. The Eco Hub would be open daily to members of the community completely free of charge. Therefore a car park of a suitable size was essential to guarantee easy access to the facilities on offer.

Sustainability was a crucial factor to consider throughout the whole project. From the initial build right the way through to the final product, the Eco Hub was economically constructed, and designed to operate in a highly efficient manner upon completion. With an extensive portfolio of sustainable water management systems, ACO was the perfect choice for the Eco Hub project. ACO specified 648 sqm of its ground reinforcement system, creating six parking areas for over 40 cars.

ACO's system is a permeable, gravel-filled stabilisation system and is, crucially, made from recycled plastic. The grids are over 90 percent porous, resulting in a free draining car park with a highly efficient rate of surface water run-off. The Eco Hub also filled the system with locally sourced gravel – making the finished installation even more environmentally friendly.

ACO reinforcement solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications including paths, driveways, parking areas and access routes. For this project, the landscapers chose the ACO grass grid and filled it with gravel. However since 2021, our new GravelGrid is the optimal solution for stabilizing any kind of gravel surfaces. Available in different versions and a variety of colours, it fits perfectly to any gravel colour and withstands different loadclasses.

A discrete drainage system for a museum garden in Huningue

As a place of natural beauty and landscaping design, the museum garden in Hunigue stands out as a piece of art itself. Beautyful flower beds, surrounded by natural gravel paths invite guests of the museum to pause.

Of particular importance for the garden design is a big fountain with stone benches around it, which defines its center. The architects in charge opted for a simple architectural design to go with the clean and white museum building in the back. If fountains are integrated in an architectual landscaping design, a well-considered drainage system naturally needs to be part of the concept to drain the water and lead it back to the circular fountain system.

In this case, a very implicit drainage channel was favored to support the simple design in a chic way. ACO France provided a custommade channel made from steel, to fullfill this wish.

Fountain of the Saint Louis Mosque

Clean, modern, chic. Three words, which may describe the fountain in front of the Saint Louis mosque. The barrierfree design stands out only by its unique coloration and the ACO slotted channel, that seperates the fountain from its surrounding area.

The ACO channel is consequently an essential stylistic element of this architectural design. To provide the perfect solution for this special case, ACO offered a range of custom-made galvanized steel products (channelbody and slot grating) perfectly following the circular structure of the fountain.

ACO Linedrain makes it possible to integrate perfectly into the pavement and thus elegantly connects plaza and fountain. A particularly interesting aspect of this design is, that it shows how to make a very simple and discreet channel standing out instead of staying in the background.

ACO grass grids for the Saint-Jean Bonnefonds sports center

The new parking of the Saint-Jean Bonnefonds sports center, one thing was crucial to the landscapers: creating sufficient parking space while preserving a clean, aesthetic grass area around the sports centre.

ACO offered the perfect solution with their soil reinforcement system - the ACO grass grid. The grass grids stabilizing the soil and have a load-bearing capacity of up to 250 t/m2 . Therefore, the natural infiltration of rainwater to the soil is maintained and the grass surface is protected from the traffic. A combination that may only be achieved by using grass grids.

“The Forest”, Merchtem

The forest (Het Bos) is an emotional project and initiative of Kris Van Den Eynde, a hospitality business professional in the fith generation. Kris describes his place as an experience and meeting place surrounded by animals and the tranquility of nature.

To create a harmonious and nature related space where friends and families enjoy themselves, children play alltogether in underground pipes, relationships and friendships are formed, the owners of the forest just updated their tavern and gave it a new, modern look. "That is necessary anyway to create peace and to be a place where it is pleasant to stay. There are no outdated, worn elements that could disrupt the concept". The modernisation was highly influenced by 22-years old Sam, a former architecture-student, who will soon overtake the leadership of the tavern.

"[...] when we discovered Voronoi it was clear to us very quickly. It suits us perfectly. The natural and sustainable design that is also completely in line with nature. In addition [...] it gets a rust tint after some time, we love Corten steel look"

The ACO Euroline with its Voronoi designgrating perfectly matches the demands and design of The Forest's new and modern Terrace.

(Click here to go to the Belgium site to read the whole interview)

ALTIPLAN° architects chose smooth roof drainage

In the heart of the Brussels Sablon district close to the Egmont Park, Tweed immediately catches the eye. This passive, modular, light-filled and ecological office building was designed by ALTIPLAN° architects, has twelve floors and replaces the old building of the Compagnie Intercommunale Bruxelloise des Eaux. On the spacious terrace of 260 square meters you have a unique and breathtaking view of the city. An efficient linear drainage system that could be integrated discretely was desired for this project.

“Its position in the city, opposite the Palace of Justice, gives Tweed a specific identity that emphasizes the architecture through sober lines and by strengthening the bond with the surrounding buildings, in particular by extending the existing volume effect and materiality.” (Marek Kisielewicz, architect and managing director at ALTIPLAN° architects)

The drainage system was needed for a barrier-free and chic installation on the building's terraces.The Profiline system is also in accordance with the Technical Information Sheet 244 of the BBRI.

“With Profiline, which complies with the TV244, you can dispose of all melt water and splashing rain quickly and easily. Moreover, it is only possible in this way to lower the threshold.” (Aerts Dries, product manager ACO Belgium)

Profiline drainage channels have been installed for the drainage of the various terraces, which cover a total length of 110 meters. Jeroen De Vlaminck, Project Manager at contractor BAM Interbuild, had known ACO for some time, but it was the first time that he had worked with Profiline. Both the delivery and the installation of the product went very smoothly.

(Click here to go to the Belgium site to read the whole interview)

ACO creates safe and light-flooded basements in Bo.Park.Lane, Frankfurt-Riedberg

With it's modern high-standard buildings and wide park areas, Frankfurt-Riedberg is a very popular residential location. More than a third of the total area consists of differently lanscaped areas, which divide the district into neighbourhoods with their own unique features.

The 'Bo.Park.Lane' - an ensemble of eight urban mansions with, inhabited by a sum of 99 parties - was built directly at Bonifatius Park. The executive company BIEN-RIES AG realises upscale residential construction projects in and around Frankfurt. For Bo.Park.Lane they chose incised loggias, coloured sliding elements and a varied facade to make the ashlar-formed buildings come to life. Furthermore, lifting/ sliding windows with solar control and triple-pane insulating glazing, floor-to-ceiling entrance doors, oiled real-wood oak parquet flooring, underfloor heating and a video intercom system are only some of the high-quality features, that create a high residential value for the flat owners.

However, it was not only in the design and equipment that the planners attached importance to the best quality. To perfectly prevent the basement from external impacts as flood, low temperature or moisture, they chose the ACO light shaft in combination with the ACO Therm Block.

"During installation, the ACO architect consultant was present to comment on the process and clarify any questions. In addition, an ACO employee explained the various installation steps or demonstrated them himself. This enabled the workers to take over the rest of the installation." Before, the architect consultant and his field staff had presented the system to the management of the client and assisted with the preparation of the tender texts and the determination of the required system components. For all parties involved, this was a professional procedure that left no questions unanswered. Once again, ACO proved to deliver not only excellent products and interface solutions, but also excellent service on and off site.

"The use of the pressurised water-tight ACO Therm Block elements allowed us to make a professional, quick, clean and uncomplicated connection", concludes Bettina Stark, the client's technical project development manager. "We actually use the entire product range", Stark continues. "Channels, access covers, etc. - at ACO we always find the right products for our projects."

ACO roof and Facade drainage at the Schwabinger Tor in Munich

A new building block for urban life was created in the nothern city centre of Munich: the Schwabinger Tor district. The architects from Max Dudler relied on ACO product for the drainage of their buildings.

The Leopoldstreet is one of the main routes into Munich's city centre. Nevertheless, the urban structure was in some parts anything but modern or urban. Now, on a site formerly used purely for commercial purposes, a compact urban quater was built, which redefines the whole area: A total of 200 modern flats, offices, shops and a hotel with 275 rooms. Over a length of about 500 metres, four buildings are now standing alongside the Leopoldstreet. In a staggered second row there are another five buildings. Between them is a network of car-free alleys and squares that opens up to Leopoldstreet at three points.

Max Dudler designed the office and residential tower N10 as the northern high point. A large reception hall, offices and maisonette flats of various sizes form the interior of the building. The architectional challenge was to create a variety of uses and floor plans with limited space. Despite the diversity of uses, the building presents itself as a homogeneous and sculptural from the outside.

Attention to detail was also paid to high quality: The responsible architects used ACO's SPIN roof drainage to safely drain the rainwater on the 435m² flat roof. ACO flat roof heaters prevent the drain from icing up in winter time. Stainless steel channels from the ACO company Inotec were used for to drain the rainwater from the striking facade, in addition to the ACO Profiline facade channel.

Barrier-free thresholds are now a standard feature in high-end residential construction. The transition area between open space and indoor areas is very sensible for water or moisture ingressing into the building - especially during heavy rainfall events. Therefore, this detail must be carefully planned and executed.

The ACO Profiline is the perfect solution for barrier-free application at balconies, thresholds or patios. It is made of galvanised steel or stainless steel, can be walked on or accessed by wheelchairs, has a width of 13 cm or15.5cm and a construction length of 50cm or 100cm. A crossbar grating was chosen to complement the channel body for the Schwabinger Tor.

Villa with sea view in Großenbrode

The chic appartment building with hotel flair was built in Großenbrode - a direct beach location - and with an exclusive view on the Baltic Sea. The total investment was 19 million euros. In addition to the flats ranging in size from 54 to 122,5m², an underground garage and a 110m² sauna area, there is a 300m² restaurant on the ground floor that is open to all guests.

The holiday concept of the sea view villa is very special, as it is similar to a hotel. Guests and renters have access to a reception, room cleaning and laundry service. The special feature is that the flats are purchased by individual investors and are based on a professional holiday rental system. The owners can holiday there themselves and the rest of the year the suites are rented out to holiday guests. Among other things, this is to prevent off-season referrals.

The crucial feature of the architectual design are balconies or terraces - each with beautiful wooden flooring and a view on the Baltic Sea. The architects chose ACO terrace and facade drainage as the perfect solution in functionality and design to prevent water from passing the barrier-free threshold area between the balkony and the interior. In addition, standing water on wooden terraces leads to structural damage in the medium term. It must be ensured that rainwater and moisture are saveley drained in a controlled manner.

Essential for assessing the effectiveness of drainage channels are their location, size, the opening cross-section of the grating and channel body as well as the individual installation situation. The ACO Profiline for wooden terraces was developed for the special requirements of wooden terraces. This means that low threshold constructions can also be used. Like all Profile products, it drains on the surface and at the same time carries the water away on the waterproofing level.

With an installation height of only 2 cam, the system fits any board thickness. The channel is available in galvanised steel or stainless steel in widths of 13 and 15,5cm.

ACO Profiline for The Mile in Berlin

Surrounded by parks, but still in the direct neighbourhood of shops, restaurants and bars, the residential ensemble "The Mile!" is located in the Chausseestreet. On an area of approximately 7500m² in the center of Berlin, the architects created a building of seven floors with 271 residential units, one commercial unit and 151 underground parking spaces. The flats range from efficient micro-apartments to penthouses.

The architects created a concept that is typical for Berlin: the front building and three transverse wings with side wings, three quiet and spacious inner courtyards with a total of approximately 3400m². They are characterised by seating areas, playgrounds, art objects and diverse plantings. The courtyards are connected by two-level passageways that also cover the entrances to the stairwells and elevators. The flats have high-quality features including generous glazing and balconies or terraces.

To prevent water or moisture to enter the interior of the flats, the architects of The Mile chose the ACO Profiline to control the sensitive threshold areas and thus prevent the building fabric from being damaged. Not only the aesthetics of the channels but also its functionality convinced them.

ACO delivers shoe scrapers, light shafts and facade drainage for the residential district Mohlenfeuer in Warnemünde

The Baltic seaside resort Warnemünde at the gates of Rostock has been in high demand for several years. On the site of the former goods station, where the remains of an allotment garden complex were recently removed, 64 flats with sizes between 60m² and 120m² living space and underground parking spaces have been built. In addition to the flats 'Am Molenfeuer', the plans also include commercial space and a multi-storey car park with 700 parking spaces.

Further flats are to be built on a wasteland. The special thing about these new houses: Each house is to have an underground garage to create additional underground parking spaces in Warnemünde.

ACO provided the project with light shafts, ACO Thermblocks, shoe scrapers and facade drainage. 28 light shafts contribute to the natural lighting and possible ventilation of the underground garage. To prevent the ingress of surface water, the light shafts were installed above ground level. The 1000x1300x400mm light shafts, which were installed in a pressurised water-tight design, including extension elements, were installed on the ACO Therm Block installation panel. Furthermore, the responsibles chose ACO Profiline channels to protect the building fabric from rainwater or moisture and to enable a beautiful barrier-free threshold. The ACO Profiline is a perforaded channel system made of galvanised steel or stainless steel, which drains the rainwater that runs of the facade and leads it under the terrace or balcony flooring to the sewer pipes. Especially the stainless steel design gratings do not only captivating in functionality, but also in design - for the perfect finish of the building. However, the ACO Profiline is not the only product within the ACO systemchain, which prevents dirt or moisture to ingress into the interior of a building. To complete the supply for the Molenfeuer project, ACO also provided the constructors with several shoe scrapers and doormats. The ACO shoe scrapers fit perfectly to the design of the ACO line drainage channels and offer a very efficient drainage feature: When using an outdoor version of the shoe scrapper, the body can be connected with the public sewer system or with an infiltration system via a drainage connection and pipe. Mesh gratings made of galvanized steel had been applied at the shoe scrapers for the Molenfeuer project. Stainless steel gratings are also available for the shoe scrappers mats, if a more polished and high-standard look is required.

Main Point Pankrác in Prague

Karlin, the oldest suburb of Prague, is today one of the capital's most abitious districts. It became an area for tall office buildings and modern business hotels. Among them the architectual building complex 'Main Point Karlin'.

Main Point Karlin fits perfectly in its modern surroundings and inspires with it's artistic facade elements, daylight atrium, a specially created heating-cooling-system and beautiful roof gardens. The sophisticated concept by Czech DaM architects turns the buildings into a place where well-being and functionality are a daily occurrence. The striking shape of the building and glass facades are complemented by coloured design elements. They give the architectual designs its unique appearance.

When it comes to design and functionality as key factores for a construction project, ACO's drainage solutions and business philosophy are indispensable. For these reasons, also Main Point's responsibles chose ACO products to help draining the rainwater at their property. Aside of different Surface Water Management and Building Drainage products, Building Material is in this project represented by the ACO Euroline and ACO reinforcement systems.

A new building for the students in Osijek

The new building of the student dormitory in Osijek covers 17000m² and will soon become a home for 796 students. Equipped with solar cells on the roof and in the glass facade, the rooms will be supplied with own-produced electricity for air-conditioning and high-speed internet to create a perfect learning environment. The residential complex includes a spacious, modern yard, leisure areas and parking spaces for the future inhabitants.

The planners of the new dormitory chose ACO to provide functional drainage, environmental friendly solutions and great design. Aside of Surface Water Management channels (Qmas discreet) and oil seperators, Building Material supports the living concept with grass grids and access covers. The ACO grass grid serves as both a natural look and an environmental friendly alternative to paving stones. It was installed for the grassed areas between the buildings as well as for the parking spaces and stabilizes the soil to make it cas accessable while rainwater can infiltrate directly where it falls. This way, the water does not seep away to the public sewer system, where it would be 'lost' for the nature and groundwater level.

To create access to the underground in the most discreet way, the constructors installed ACO access covers in the yard. The special feature of ACO's access covers is that it can be individually equipped with the surrounding pavement and therefore visually disapears for the observer. Only a narrow steel frame is visible.

Vatroslav Lisinski Square in Osijek

The Vatroslav Lisinsky Square in Osijek's Tvrda was reconstructed and arranged as part of a project worth 66 million kuna = 8,7 million Euro (almost 52 million kuna = 6,8 million € financed by the European Union). On an area of 6882m², a space for various cultural and social events was created for the residents. The architects Santic and Tomic delivered the conceptual design after winning a related competition of architectual work. Tim studio executed the project of reconstructing and rehabilitating the spacious square and thus gave an answer to the need of redefining and reviving the former negleted upban area. The plaza is devided into three different leveled units. Each contains a specific architectural element: a pavilion on a higher level, a fountain on a lower level and a leisure area to sit and calm down in-between.

ACO supported the project with products of all different kinds and business units. So, ACO tree protection grilles and the linedrainage system Qmax had been provided by our Surface Water Management department. The installation was done with or without LED lighting fixtures, which ultimately left an elegant look on the paved surface of the square. Building Material provided access covers which are ideal for pedestrian plazas where access to underground levels need to be created without showing the hatch. ACO hatches can be filled with individual paving, so that the final result will vanish in the overall picture and only a small steel frame will be visable for the observer. In this way, a flawless architectual design is achieved without any distraction on its surface.

Pastoral Center in Slavonski Brod

The first stone of the parish church and pastoral center in Slavonski Brod was laid in October 2016. Until today, a very modern and chic conctrution project had been completed. From the beginning, the city of Slavonski Brod supported the project by donating land the construction of a pastoral center and new church, but also by continuously helping with the construction itself.

ACO provided the ACO Hexaline, a very discrete slotted linedrainage system, which contributes to the clean appearance of the building and leads directly to a statue in front of the house. It gives the entrance area an elegant look on the selected pavement, where the coloring of black and grey adds the finishing touch to the design. The accessible ACO access covers are also installed around the building and since they are also paved like the surrounding plaza, they blend in perfectly with the environment. All entrances are equiped with the ACO Vario doormat system, which, in addition to their beautiful appearance, are extremely easy to clean and maintain thanks to the removable mat and the tub that collects the dirt under it. All ACO Vario outdoor systems can be connected via pipe with the public sewer system or with an infiltration system to seep rainwater and dirt away. This prevents moisture or dirt from entering the interior in a most perfect manner.

Aminess Altea Camping Resort, Njivice

At the beginning of October 2020, the Novigrad group 'Aminess hotels and camps' took over 'Nijvice hotels, camp and resort', changed the name to 'Aminess Atea Camping Resort' and placed it as one of the best camping zones on the Croation market. Located just by the sea on the island of Krk, the resort covers an area of 14ha as well as newly renovated properties up to 120m². The beautiful beach lies along the entire camp and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kvarner.

The line drainage had to be fitted to certain regional circumstances. Therefore, the ACO Hexaline was selected for the front of the reception. It perfectly fits to the black profiles and glass walls of the building. Elegant slot channels were placed in the bathrooms, while the ACO ShowerDrain E from Building Drainage was chosen for the shower roomes and characterized by a flange. Morover the ACO company Passavant provided their Spin cast iron gutters with stainless steel grating for the flat roofs of the resort.

Valamar Isabella Island Resort in Porec

The luxury family resort of Valamar Riviera with the full name Valamar Isabella Island Resort is located on the island of Sveti Nikola - an island on the opposite of Porec. The project was the largest hotel investment in 2015, where a total of 33 million Euro was paid to construct new and to renovate existing facilities.

ACO delivered a couple of products for the project. Aside of Multiline channels with stainless steel gratings that provide the overall look of the resort with a chic and modern finish, the architects chose to install different kinds of ACO access covers and Euroline channels with slotted gratings. Slotted channels enable the sufficient drainage of rainwater in a very discreet way. They contribute to an elegant design. In addition, ACO access covers have a similar feature: They may be equipped with individual pavement, which aligns perfectly with the covers environment. Therefore, the covers are almost unvisible, fit perfectly in any kind of architectual concept and do not distract the obeservers eye.

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Sofia

Hyatt Regency Sofia is the first hotel of the chain in Bulgaria. It is located in the heart of the city, facing the remarkable Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Ideal for exploring a modern city surrounded by authentic history. The hotel is within walking distance of many cultural institutions and tourist attractions in Sofia in the capital. Surrounded by temples and churches dating back to the Roman Empire, visitors can explore the rich history that Sofia has to offer.

ACO delivered solutions for many applications in the building, providing an effective comprehensive water management system in accordance with the architectural and functional requirements from the very top of the building to the underground parking and service areas. Also the Building Material products play a crucial role within this project. Among these the ACO shoe scraper, Profiline and the ACO Xtrapoint.

  • Complete solution for drainage of buildings from the roof to the basement
  • Special roof drainage with anti-freeze function in accordance with local climatic and functional requirements
  • Unobstructed surface and optimal protection for the boundaries of the building
  • Designer bathroom drainage
  • Hygienic drainage for the kitchen
  • Drainage of underground parking

Garitage park, Sofia

ACO works with the investor and the architect of the project for sustainable solutions for surface water and wastewater management in accordance with the high criteria for functionality, aesthetics and durability of the project.

The external drainage of the complex is made of line drainage by ASO according to the functional requirements of the area - drainage channels with gratings in pedestrian areas and green areas, curbs with integrated drainage of public parking areas, shallow channels in the underground parking. Rainwater is treated with oil separators.

The drainage of the buildings includes shower channels for the bathrooms and toilets, as well as drainage around the pool in the sports center. Wastewater from professional kitchens is treated with grease separators. The residential houses are equipped with light shafts of the "English yard" type, which allow natural light and ventilation of the basements.

Capital Fort, Sofia

Capital Fort is a high-class office building and the tallest building in Bulgaria. 28 floors and two underground parking lots - containing 750 parking spaces - the building provides a perfect working environment.

ACO Bulgaria supports the design and construction of the skyscraper with a complete system chain from surface water management, kitchen drainage solutions to doormats and access covers.

For this project, the ACO doormats have been customised and fitted to the clients needs to provide the perfect entrance. Aside of a beautiful design, the mats prevent dirt and moisture from being carried into the building. A feature that should not be underestimated when so many workers and corporate clients enter and leave the building every day.

ACO drainage for Premier Fort Beach, at Sunny Beach

The Premier Apart Hotel is located on the seafront and features two freshwater and children's pools. With blue sky and sunny weather the hotel provides a perfect summer vacation experience to their guests.

The perfect drainage solution on the other hand was offered by ACO, from kitchen wastewater management to rainwater management solutions in the parc areas. Access covers for indoor and outdoor applications were installed in the interior areas of the hotel and in the surrounding pedestrian areas. The rainwater of the garden and alleys is drained by theACO Euroline. An efficient polymer concrete channel system for pedestrian areas with a high variety of gratings to choose from.

Independence square, Sofia

The central square of Sofia is a place of the most important administrative and public buildings, the largest metro station in the city and intensive pedestrian and car traffic. To ease movements in this area, its reconstruction involved the smooth passage of cars and pedestriants as well as the preservation of archaeological monuments and the iconic architectural appearance.

ACO contributes to the construction with functionality and aesthetic by providing innovative rainwater management solutions. The ACO KerbDrain was installed between the plaza an the roads all around the central square. It was chosen due to its aesthetic vision, low structural height (in this case necessary due to the underground structures of the metro station) and its high hydraulic capacity. In places where point drainage is required, ACO Combipoint was installed.

In the pedestrian zone, the rainwater is managed with a ACO Monoblock. The ACO access covers offer the possibility of embedding the flooring in their frames, which allows a flawless design and discreet appearance, while guaranteeing optimal functionality and comfort while passing.

Euromini and access covers for the Regent Hotel in Porto Montenegro

The Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro is known for providing its guests with excellent service, a captivating view and the ability to enjoy the view without any distraction.

In order to comply with this promise in any detail, the ACO Self Euroline mini channel was selected to drain the rainwater from the hotel terraces. Equipped withheelsafe stainless steel gratings, the channels offer not only a beautiful design that fits perfectly into the environment, but also safety for the hotel guests while passing. Moreover, the gratings are extremely resistant to corrosion or other influences.

Another product line shown in this case study are the access covers. Equipped with the same pavement as its surrounding surface, they fit perfectly in any design and almost disappear into the environment. Only a narrow steel frame is visible after the installation

This hotel is one of the most prestigious facilities on the Montenegrin coast and chose only ACO products for all of its drainage and water purification solutions.

ACO delivers the ACO Euroline in stainless steel for the La Perla resort in Montenegro

The Hotel resort La Perla in Montenegro stands for high standards, a modern look and a paradisiac view on the bay.

The crucial part of the construction was to assure a highly functional rainwater management, while offering a perfect holiday experience to the hotel guests. Instead of hiding the drainage channels with on of ACO's discreet drainage systems, the responsible architects chose to install the ACO Euroline combined with shiny stainless steel gratings. A combination that really stands out and underlines the prestige appearance of the surroundings.

In addition to a perfect aesthetical appearance and to perfectly fitting into the architectural plan of this beautiful hotel, ACO solutions are particularly resistant to corrosion and the effects of the marine climate. This makes them very useful in facilities and spaces near the sea.

Aside of the Euroline, you can also find ACO Multiline and ACO XtraDrain channels combined with cast iron gratings within the La Perla hotel resort.

GTC Green Hart Business Center in Belgrade

The Green Hart business complex in Belgrade is a unique architectural solution that combines modern design and nature to offer the inhabitants a business space which is not only a comfortable working environment but also an agreeable living space.

To support this project's concept in its best way, ACO offered a complete system chain to the planners. From rainwater management at the open grass areas, the facade drainage of the building's terraces to in-house drainage solutions: The responsibles chose ACO drainage solutions due to their high standards in functionality and design.

For the open space drainage, ACO delivered ACO XtraDrain. A channel system specially designed for efficient drainage for this application. A total length of more than 1,3km of the ACO Profiline has been installed on the terraces to help draining rainwater from the buildings facade. Terraces and Facades demand not only the efficient drainage of rainwater but also a perfect fitting of the channels into the architectual design.

BEO Shopping center

Terraces are one of the favorite parts of a visit to any shopping center. They are also a place of frequent traffic with people passing by, taking a break or meeting, with waiters serving food or suppliers delivering goods. Therefore, the Terraces need to be free of any kind of water at any time - day and night - to offer a safe environment for the shopping center’s everyday business.

To make these very sensible areas most enjoyable to every staff and visitor, the owners of the BEO shopping center rely on the ACO Profiline to drain surface water and prevent ponding. The ACO Profiline is a first-choice façade drainage system when it comes to functionality and design. It is available in height adjustable versions, with channel bodies made from plastic or stainless steel and offers a wide range of gratings for any demand. The stainless steel gratinglooks flawless and thus contributes to a chic and timeless architectural design. The galvanized grating is the classic and price-effective choice.

Go to our product pages to explore our ACO Profiline product portfolio.

Residential Building in Budapest

This beautiful residential project involves several parking spaces. To create these in a most natural and environmently manner, the responsible architects chose to install ACO grass grids for the 1000m² surface. The main advantage of the grass grid is that it stabilises the ground to make usual soil car accessible, while maintaining the grounds natural characteristics of infiltrating rainwater and feeding the ground water level.

Paved parking spaces equipped with usual channel systems, lead rainwater to the public sewer system, where it is lost for the earth. So, the ACO grass reinforcement system is not only a natural and park-like looking choice, but also a highly functional and environmental friendly alternative to paved surfaces.

Special order and shoe scrapers for a private property

This residential project includes different ACO products: ACO grass grids stabilise gravel at the parking spaces, ACO shower drains help draining water in the bathrooms, shoe scrapers and doormats prevent water from entering the home.

Overall, the ACO doormat system plays a big role to support the drainage concept. It was selected for the outdoor and indoor entrance areas and helps to keep dirt as well as moisture outside. The special wooden 'walk-in-grilles' in front of the showers are a particularly modern and beautiful feature of the bathrooms.

Moreover ACO delivered light-flooded basements with plastic light shafts. ACO plastic light shafts are especially functional. Please go to our product page to get informed about the new light shaft features.