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Voronoi Design Grating

Voronoi Diagramm

The Voronoi pattern describes the self-organisation of nature. The structure can be seen, for example, in the spots of a giraffe or in the fine wings of a dragonfly. This pattern also develops when the soil begins to crack during drought.

The structure found in nature can be calculated. The mathematical construct can be described by a space with a given set of points. These points are described as centres. Each region is defined by exactly one centre, and the region is bounded by the fact that it is closer to its own centre than to any other centre. The contour of the regions is thus drawn by the same distance to two centres. This is how the so-called Voronoi regions are created.

With the Voronoi design grating, exactly this pattern has been taken up in order to emphasise a natural language of form. The result is a very elementary and organic look.

Designer Franck Magné

As an environmentally conscious person, Franck Magné was awarded the Ademe Prize. He designs forward-looking products and services related to alternative energies. Studio Franck Magné develops interdisciplinary projects in the fields of product and interaction design as well as interior planning. Changing behaviours and innovative approaches serve as inspiration for his projects.

Why work with ACO?

"As a designer, the ACO project was a real challenge for me. It was particularly interesting to dive into this everyday object, which is usually associated with technical developments rather than the design aspect. The project addressed the aesthetic dimension as well as the technical and sustainable dimension. An architectural identity was developed that creates a social and ecological connection. ACO gave me the creative freedom to propose and create an impressive and original design." - Franck Magné