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ACO gravel grid

Product benefits

  • No sinking of the tyres
  • Easy, fast laying and cutting of the honeycombs
  • No infiltration of the gravel under the honeycomb
  • Optimized overlapping of the fleece during laying
  • Optimal honeycomb size for the use of standard gravel 8/16
  • Very good permanent bond between fleece (water-permeable) and honeycomb
  • Low dead weight
  • Passable, practicable with normal passenger car and heavy loads
  • Choice of up to 3 colours
  • Savings on rainfall charges

Product information

  • Production of stable gravel/split surfaces, passable and practicable with normal passenger car
  • Material: 100% polypropylene or 100% recycled plastic (PP)
  • Applicable up to a slope of 10%. From 5% slope, additional soil nails must be used
  • Individual design with decorative gravel or high-grade chippings
Load classDimensionsMaterialItem

3001176153530100 % recycled plastic (Polypropylen)281092
3001176153530100 % recycled plastic (Polypropylen)281095
Load classDimensionsMaterialItem

300 t/m²1176 mm1535 mm30 mmPolypropylene281093
100 % recycled plastic (Polypropylen)281092
450 t/m²1176 mm1535 mm40 mmPolypropylene281094

Earthing nail made of steel

Suitable for
  • ACO Self® honeycomb mesh grass plates
  • Bags each with 50 pieces
  • Two earth nails are required for each honeycomb mesh grass paver
  • For temporary fixing of areas which, before they are backfilled, are driven on by vehicles up to approx. 1.0 t total weight