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Honeycomb mesh grass plates


Product benefits

  • Enable the creation of green surfaces that are permeable and can support occasionale vehicle traffic
  • Material: recyclable polyolefin compound
  • Florentine design
  • Optimal cell size for a high green component and good root growth
  • Easy usage due to low weight of approx. 5 kg/m2

Product information

  • Load-bearing capacity up to 250 t/m2 in line with DIN 53454
  • Can be used on surfaces that are occasionally driven on up to an incline of approx. 5%
  • The dimension of the elements correspond to 4.42 pce/m2
  • As an alternative to planting another option is to fill with gravel
  • Parking space markers for easy and attractive designation of parking areas


585 mm385 mm38 mm81071

Parking place marking

Suitable for
  • ACO Self® honeycomb mesh grass plates
  • Sachets each with 10 pieces
  • Colour: white
  • Material: plastic
  • Sufficient for 1 m marking

Earthing nail made of steel

Suitable for
  • ACO Self® honeycomb mesh grass plates
  • Bags each with 50 pieces
  • Two earth nails are required for each honeycomb mesh grass paver
  • For temporary fixing of areas which, before they are backfilled, are driven on by vehicles up to approx. 1.0 t total weight