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House & Garden Campaign
Videos, images and visuals

Welcome to our download page for all materials of the H&G Campaign toolbox

Underneath you find all components that you might need and the related contact persons. All elements can be flexibly adjusted to your individual market needs. Just contact the metioned persons to receive all open documents or files or to deeply adjust the shown scenarios.

Everything in the pictures can be changed by our agency: Elements, products, persons, plants, houses, furniture, ... Moreover things might be added like persons or pets moving across. You are free to contact and to be just as creative as you want.

The tool box

Take a detailed look in our summary and overview of the H&G Campaign in the presentation on the right.

Download all the basic settings from here in its original size!

Download all the basic settings from here in its original size! If you would like to get in touch with our agency to change some elements (e.g.: contents, day to night light, angles, create some videos or to ad persons/ pets/ emotional objects), please contact Ralph Kelkel and open a request.

Moving pictures for a little twist

You have the o ad some emotion to the scenery and to put some focus on special products, with our toolbox's CGI work. You just pick out the location you would like to highlight, choose an angle and let our agency work it out for you. We already created some examples and ready-to-use visuals for you, wich you can directly download and integrate for example on your website. These visuals tune up the headers of your House and Garden landing pages.

If you would like to get your own angles, products and visuals, get in touch with Ralph Kelkel to help you out.

House & Garden: Naming strategy guidelines

The House & Garden naming guidelines define when and where to use the wording 'House & Garden'. Please be aware that 'ACO House & Garden' is no microbrand and is not considered to be used as one. It is only a targeting approach how to address our target group 'private house owners' in a internationally consistent way. The only brand in our marketing communication remains ACO.

The slogan and it's usage

Enhance and Enable

The slogan follows an enhance & enable approach. This means that we are creating a vision in our customers minds, underlined by the imagery, and enable them to make it come true. It provides one common headline to all worldwide House & Garden communication activities and thus one strong approach how to reach the end-consumer. Together with all the other elements of the toolbox, it gives us the chance to deliver one harmonized look and impression for the end-consumers aka the private houseowners.

This slogan is ready-to-use and can be integrated directly in any of your tools and on any platform. Please keep in mind, that "ACO House & Garden" and the related slogan are both only a end-consumer communication approach and must not be treated as a micro brand. There are no special guidelines or set ups on how to use the slogan. Therefore, you are just as free as your mind allows you to be - as long as ACO stays our only brand.

Enhance & Enable in pictures
Provide inspiration in form or 'from garden to product' sliders

Approaches become even more visual and realistic, when we literally show our customers which garden result is possible and how our products contribute to them. Aside of small videos with direct product focus (read the section above) or images with focus effects, sliders are a strong tool to directly reveal our products within the shown garden design.

211201 Exterior 01 Produkte211201 Exterior 01
211201 Exterior 02 Produkte211201 Exterior 02 With
211201 Exterior 03 Produkte211201 Exterior 03
211201 Exterior 04 Produkte211201 Exterior 04 Without

How to

The sliders are created by a simple Typo3 element. The so-called 'Juxtaposition Image', which can be found in the section 'ACO elements' when integrating a new webpage element in Typo3. You simply insert the original picture of the setting and the blueish picture with the 3D product models in it. Set the slider on the left position and click on 'save and close'.

If you need help with creating the sliders, please get directly in touch with Jesper Wiekhorst (Typo3 responsible) from our Corporate Marketing team.

If you need help with the pictures - e.g. if our agency adjusted the base settings for you and you will also need adjusted 3D picture versions - please contact Ralph Kelkel for help.

Download the related 3D product settings
These pictures are needed to create the sliders by the Juxtaposition image