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Robust in use, flexible in design

The ACO Therm® light shaft is available in various designs and ensures a high incidence of light and thus sufficient light in the cellar. It can be installed watertight under pressure - on the ACO Therm® block even without thermal bridges and without drilling into the cellar wall.

The ACO Therm® light shaft is available in depths of 400 and 600 mm and can be extended in height with extension elements. In addition, various covers provide sufficient protection against dirt and rainwater

Product advantages ACO cellar light shaft

  • High light incidence
  • Cover grates can be walked on and driven over
  • easy to clean
  • bright white for maximum light reflection
  • can be connected watertight under pressure
  • thermal bridge-free installation possible with ACO Therm® Block
  • Light shaft attachments for individual height adjustment
  • dimensionally stable
  • easy to install
  • large selection of gratings, design gratings and covers

ACO Therm® light shaft - 400mm depth

  • Material: PP-GF (exception:1250 x 1000 x 400 mm GFK)
  • can be walked on or driven over
  • pressurised water-tight installation possible
  • Light shafts 1000 x 1000 x 400 mm and 1000 x 1300 x 400 mm with additional height adjustment range
  • available incl. grating, installation set and grating lift-off protection

ACO Therm® light shaft - 600 mm depth

  • Material: GRP
  • Can be walked on or driven over
  • pressurised water-tight installation possible
  • Drainage opening at the lowest point
  • available incl. grating, installation set and grating lift-off protection

ACO Therm® light shaft - 700 mm depth

  • Material: GRP
  • Can only be installed when walked on
  • Particularly smooth surface
  • Pressure water-tight installation possible
  • available incl. grate, installation set and grate lift-off protection

High flexibility gives you all the options you need

Almost all ACO Therm® light shafts can be installed to be walked on or driven over. They can be installed directly on the basement wall, on perimeter insulation or in a pressurised water-tight manner.

By using the ACO Therm® Block, we make it possible to install light shafts without thermal bridges. With reference to many gouvernmental regulations, this type of installation is becoming increasingly important. According to an environmentally friendly and energy saving construction, thermal bridges should be avoided as far as possible.

The drainage opening in the light shaft's body can be closed with a sealing plate to make it watertight under pressure. For maximum safety during heavy rainfall events, we offer backflow-proof drainage connections to connect the light shafts to the sewer system. In addition, 6 grating variants and various extension elements for height compensation ensure an individual design.

We provide even more light in the cellar with our ACO Therm® light shaft in 700 mm depth.

High stability gives you security

ACO Therm ® light shafts made of glass fibre reinforced polypropylene (PP-GF) or glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) are dimensionally stable and have a long service life.

The light shaft achieves a high degree of stability with just 4 fixings and can be driven over with the appropriate installation set and grating.

For light shaft installation on perimeter insulation (from 80 mm), we rely on extremely stable heavy-duty anchors that ensure the necessary load transfer even in the unfilled state.

The 1000 x 1000 x 600, 1000 x 1300 x 600 and 1250 x 1300 x 600 versions have a new type of height adjustment that allows fine height adjustment of up to 280 mm.