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ACO Therm® Block

Light shaft installation on insulation g made simple

The climate is changing and requires forward-looking innovations. That's why the ACO cellar protection range has been supplemented with an intelligent component. Flood-proof*, backwater-proof - and now also thermally insulated - with the new ACO Therm® Block mounting plate.

The ACO Therm® Block is available for standard installation and for pressurised water-tight light well installation. The ACO Therm® light shaft can be quickly, easily and securely fastened directly to the mounting plate. Without thermal bridges and without drilling. In addition, costs and time are saved due to the considerably simplified application of the perimeter insulation and the elimination of plastering and painting.

Advantages of the complete system

  • Sensitive cellar window opening and light shaft - one single trade due to ACO Therm® products
  • quick installation of the cellar light well on the cellar wall - without drilling and without thermal bridges
  • precise connection of the insulation to the mounting plate
  • free light shaft connection
  • Plastering in the light shaft is not necessary
  • Connection to the terrace without large steps and thermal bridges
  • Optimum incidence of light due to adjustable gratings

Uniform design in the system

In addition to the technical coordination of simple installation steps of the ACO Therm® cellar system, the uniform, discreet design is also of great importance. In this way, the building owner can recognise as a "layman" that everything fits together here and that a well thought-out solution has been implemented. In addition to a technically mature solution, he also gets a good feeling. But in addition to these emotional reasons, there are also some facts that speak in favour of the ACO Therm® design:

  • Uniform traffic white (similar to RAL 9016)
  • Traffic white offers the greatest possible reflection in the light shaft and thus brings a lot of light into the cellar room
  • optimally large glass surface of the ACO Therm® 3.0 due to the discreet design of the window profile
  • Insulation connection profile and ACO Therm® reveal window merge into one unit thanks to the simple click system - matching the insulation thicknesses of the ACO Therm® block

Systematically planning and building for the future

Increasingly stringent energy-saving regulations from governments are constantly raising the requirements for the energy quality of buildings and the efficient use of energy. It is the task of planners, building contractors, building operators and building product manufacturers to take this into account. The value retention of buildings is clearly dependent on a high energy standard.

With the system to proven speed and reliable planning

Even during the development of the system solution for cellar windows and light shafts, it became clear in the first practical projects that the ACO Therm® cellar system can save a lot of time on the construction site. And time is money.

The German association ARGE//e. V. (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für zeitgemäßes Bauen e. V., Kiel) has independently confirmed these statements.

The entire study by ARGE // e. V. is available for download.

ACO Therm® system components in the pressurised water-tight version

Protect values safely: ACO offers secure protection for your cellar and thus for your valuables. The cellar protection system, consisting of the ACO Therm® block with integrated, flood-proof* window, pressurised water-tight ACO Therm® light shaft as well as the ACO light shaft drainage and ACO backflow protection, ensures bright, dry and warm cellar rooms.

A flood-tight* ACO Therm® window is required when large amounts of surface water can enter the light shaft in addition to pressing groundwater.