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ACO Triplex backflow valves

Innovation in backwater prevention

Extreme natural events such as storms, heavy rain and floods are becoming more frequent. The resulting water masses repeatedly lead to overloading of the sewer system. The backwater water thus rises in the sewer manholes to the backwater level. To the same extent, the backwater presses back into the property drainage system of the surrounding houses. The cellar areas in particular can quickly be affected by backwater. ACO backwater valves ensure that the wastewater does not flow back into the building via the house connection or basic pipes in the event of a backwater and that the cellar thus remains dry.

Pendulum flaps are used for backwater valves for faecal-free wastewater (greywater) and rainwater. ACO has revolutionised the backwater valve for faecal-free wastewater. The new Triplex is compact in design, safe in technology and easy to handle.

Product advantages

  • Leak test on site (also for DN 50 and DN 70)
  • Compact size
  • Tool-free maintenance
  • Quick-release fasteners for lid locking (one-hand operation)
  • From 6 mm gradient
  • Large cleaning and maintenance opening

"Leak test on site" according to DIN EN 13564
now also possible for backwater valves DN 50 and DN 70

The new backwater valves of the nominal sizes DN 50 and DN 70 are also equipped with a test opening 1/2 AG according to DIN EN 13564. The innovative shape of the emergency valve allows it to be operated even when the test funnel is screwed in. This makes it possible to check the tightness on site. During the test with the test funnel (included in delivery), a backwater is simulated and the tightness and function of the automatic shut-off flaps are tested. Backwater valves are considered to be sufficiently tight if less than 500 ml of water has to be refilled into the test funnel within 10 minutes.

Maintenance facilitated by new housing locking mechanism

Solid quick-release catches allow the new Triplex backwater valves to be opened quickly and without tools for cleaning and maintenance work. The integrated lift function allows the cover to be additionally lifted. This makes it easier to open stuck lids in particular, e.g. after long periods without regular maintenance.

Upgrading from cleaning pipe to type 2

The ACO Triplex 2.0 DN 100 / DN 125 / DN 150 backflow valve can be upgraded. It can be flexibly and easily retrofitted from the cleaning pipe to type 0, type 1 and type 2 and thus complies with DIN EN 13564.

Cleaning pipe

ACO cleaning pipe Triplex retrofittable to type 0, type 1 and type 2 according to DIN EN 13564

Type 0

ACO Triplex type 0 single backwater valve in accordance with DIN EN 13564 for rainwater utilisation systems with an automatic closing backwater flap.

Type 1

ACO Triplex type 1 single backflow valve in accordance with DIN EN 13564 for rainwater utilisation systems with an automatically closing backflow flap and emergency closure.

Type 2

ACO backflow valve Triplex type 2 in accordance with DIN EN 13564 suitable for grey water and rainwater utilisation systems with two automatically closing backflow valves, one of which is a manually lockable emergency valve.