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Backflow: Reasons

How does backwater occur?

Due to climate change, more and more frequently areas all over the world are affected by heavy rainfall events, the sewage systems are regularly overloaded and many basements have been flooded. Meteorologists agree that floods and extreme precipitation will continue to accumulate throughout Europe.

The ACO cellar protection system - watertight cellar planning

Watertight basement windows* - for more security

Your window is not watertight? You want to replace your basement window or install a new basement window? The ACO Therm® basement window is available in various designs - with flood protection and/or burglary protection.

Thermal insulation - for comfort in the cellar

Thermal insulation of the outer cellar wall can be sensibly achieved with the ACO Therm® Block - so that the cellar is not only bright and dry, but also warm and homely.

Light shaft - watertight and floodproof

The cellar can only be used optimally with a cellar light shaft. ACO light shafts in various versions provide sufficient light. They can be mounted on the insulation to be water pressure-tight and free of thermal bridges.

ACO backflow stop - to keep the sewage out

When the sewage system is overloaded, the water presses into the cellar. A backwater protection system ensures that this does not happen and that the cellar remains dry.