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Avoid backflow - this does not belong in the drain

What you should not dispose of via the sewage system

If you have already installed a backflow protection system in your cellar, such as a backflow valve or a lifting unit, then you have already taken an important step towards backflow protection. But in addition, you should be aware that there are many things that should not be discharged or disposed of via the drain into the sewer system. This is because there are some waste materials that can cause significant disruption or blockage of the sewer system and thus lead to problems in wastewater drainage.

We have summarised for you which things you should not dispose of via the sewage system (e.g. through the toilet or sink).

Solid or liquid waste that should NOT be disposed of via the sewer system. should be disposed of... ... and what they do
- Hygiene products such as panty liners, sanitary towels, nappies, hair and ear sticks... ...clog the pipes and sewage pumping stations
- Leftover food, frying and deep-frying fat... ...lead to blockages, deposits and attract rats
- Problem waste such as acids and alkalis, disinfectants, paint strippers, wood preservatives, waste oil, pesticides, paints, varnishes and thinners... ...poison the waste water
- Medicines, cosmetic residues, e.g. nail varnish remover ...poison the waste water
- Cigarette butts, razor blades, corks and bottle caps, cat litter... ...hinder wastewater treatment
- WC cleaners and aggressive cleaning agents... ...can corrode pipes and seals and poison the wastewater.