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Burglary protection
Burglar-resistant basement windows from ACO

How to secure your home against burglary

In most of the countries residential burglaries are a common or increasing problem. With the overall globalisation, also burglars became international. More and more cases are due to professional gangs crossing borders to commit burglaries abroad. The damage caused by burglaries amounts particularly high. Especially autumn, which brings shorter days and darker afternoons, attracts thieves to try their luck during the day. Many burglaries occur through poorly secured windows and flat or French doors.

The police recommend installing burglar-resistant windows and doors in new homes or when renovating existing ones. In terms of price, it is usually advisable to install the appropriate security technology immediately instead of retrofitting it later.

In addition to security technology, there are also simple behavioural tips that you can follow to better protect your home from burglars.

Burglar-resistant basement windows from ACO

  • Special one-piece reveal frame
  • Additional locking points for best possible pressure absorption and increased burglary protection (RC2)
  • Mushroom-shaped locking pins
  • lockable handle foil
  • 3-pane thermal insulation glazing with outer pane made of VSG (laminated safety glass)

Cellar windows are popular entry points for thieves - you should pay attention to this!

Are you wondering what you can do to better protect your cellar against burglary? We have summarised a few aspects below that will make your home safer.

Locking pins and locking points

Your windows should be equipped with mushroom-shaped locking pins and additional locking points located at regular intervals on the frame of the window. These anchor into each other and thus provide burglary protection.
The burglar-resistant ACO Therm® 3.0 reveal window offers you precisely this technology.

Window glass

Pay special attention to the glass of your window. Triple thermal insulation glazing with an outer pane of P4A laminated safety glass is recommended. You can see in the picture that the outer pane is significantly thicker than the other two. There are also windows that are additionally sealed in the sash.

Lockable window handle

The window handle, also called a handle olive, should be lockable. This prevents burglars from reaching through windows that are set to tilt or even breaking windows to open the handle from the inside. The lockable handle can also be retrofitted to other ACO basement windows.

Drilling protection

The drilling protection prevents drilling from the outside into the handle olive. This protection is neither visible when the window is open nor when it is closed, as it is a steel plate mounted behind the gear. The picture shows the drilling protection of a burglar-resistant ACO Therm® 3.0 basement window.

The resistance class

When buying a window, pay attention to the resistance class. This indicates how long a burglar can be prevented from breaking into the house with which tools. When buying a window, the police also recommend paying attention to criteria such as locking pins, drilling protection and a lockable handle. These are usually included in resistance class RC2 and are sufficient for a privately used house.

The burglar-resistant ACO basement window

The burglar-resistant ACO Therm® reveal windows offer extended protection.

For windows on ground and upper floors as well as for windows in the basement, the police recommend burglary protection with RC 2 windows in accordance with the DIN EN 1627 classification. This resistance class means that windows have been subjected to a practical test (in accordance with DIN EN 1630) and can withstand manual burglary attempts.

The ACO Therm® 3.0 burglar-resistant reveal window with triple glazing has been tested by the ift-Rosenheim* and awarded class RC 2. It offers optimum burglary protection with mushroom-shaped locking pins, additional locking points and improved rigidity of the reveal frame. With these product features, the basement window with throw-resistant P4A laminated safety glass and lockable handle olive fulfils the recommendations of the police.

Available in six sizes (75x75 to 100x100 cm) and for six wall thicknesses (20 to 40 cm), the window of the ACO Therm® 3.0 series not only combines the advantages of effective burglary protection. With its triple thermal insulation glazing, 4-chamber plastic sash, 5-chamber plastic frame and 82 mm profile depth, it achieves a heat transfer coefficient at living room window level.
ACO cellar windows can be retrofitted
Another advantage of ACO cellar windows: There is also a solution for retrofitting burglar protection. Cellar reveal windows that have already been installed can be retrofitted by ACO Hochbau to meet resistance class RC 2.