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ACO extension elements for plastic lightshafts

Stable design freedom thanks to the ACO extension elements

All ACO extension elements in the height-adjustable and fixed variants have a stable hollow chamber profile and a grey, stable grating edge to ensure the robustness of the light shaft system. A combination of fixed and variable extension elements is possible at any time during installation. A pressurised water-tight installation of light shaft and extension element is also possible.

Adaptation to individual requirements

The stable hollow chamber profile and the stable grating edge provide the light shaft grating with a secure support and contribute to the walkability or trafficability of the system. Another advantage of the robust material is that no additional bracing frame is required.

Depending on the circumstances, a choice can be made between a fixed and a variable extension element.

Fixed extension elements from a nominal width of 1250 mm already have an integrated steel reinforcement for additional stability. To increase stability, the extension element is also screwed to the light shaft.

The height-adjustable version offers a profile height of 340 mm and an adjustment range of 30 - 300 mm. In addition, this version can be aligned according to the existing surface slope and subsequently adapted to the floor level. Depending on requirements, up to 3 fixed extension elements can be stacked.

Extended extension elements round off the range and, above all, enable an optimal transition from perimeter insulation to clinker facade or bridging of projections in the facade.

Fixed extension element with 4 sides closed

Extension element with extended cheeks

Extension element for pressurized water-tight installation

Light shaft glass cover with 4-sided closed extension element

Light shaft glass cover with 4-sided closed extension element and ventilation box

Variations of ACO extension elements as an application example

Maximum number of extension elements

Depth extension element Light shaft width Fixed extension elements Height adjustable extension elements Combination of height adjustable/ fixed
walkable: 400 mm and 600mm until 1250 mm 3 1 3
walkable: 700 mm 1500 mm 2 1 -
walkable: 700 mm 2000 mm 1 - -
drivable: 400 mm and 600 mm until 1250 mm 2 - -
drivable: 700 mm until 1250 mm - - -