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Individual design and effective protection with ACO light shaft gratings

Many variants for individual needs

All ACO light shafts can be optionally equipped with cover gratings that can be walked on or driven over. Any loads that occur can be safely transferred via the grating into the building structure.

Different types are available. In addition to the classic grating in galvanised steel or stainless steel, there are specially designed covers for your terrace as well as glass covers for extra light in the basement.

The ACO light shaft gratings made of galvanised steel and also stainless steel cover a wide range of applications. For terraces and walkways, for example, the MW 30/10 mesh grating or the stainless steel design gratings are recommended, while the trafficable mesh grating is the right choice for carports. For special applications, shortened or extended gratings provide a secure light shaft cover.

The Vario design light shaft cover is made of high-quality stainless steel. In the partial glass version, the cover fits particularly well with adjacent façade drainage channels. The grate and glass surface are safe to walk on.

The Vario Design light shaft cover can be individually adapted. Different gratings and profiles can be used. The profiles can also be made from decking boards or similar.

The all-glass version of the Vario Design light shaft cover lets especially a lot of light into the basement. The safety glass is equipped with slip resistance and can be walked on.

Der ACO Therm Lichtschacht Design-Rost besticht durch eine hochwertige Optik. Er ist vollständig aus Edelstahl gefertigt und besitzt ein extra Element zum Überdecken der weißen Lichtschachtkante. Darüber hinaus werden die verwendeten V-Profil-Stäbe aus Vollmaterial ohne Verschweißen eingesetzt, was zu einem edlen Gesamtbild ohne störende Schweißpunkte beiträgt.

The light shaft glass cover incl. sealing frame and 4-sided closed extension element is available with and without ventilation box. The cover can be mounted so that it is watertight during the day. The safety glass is equipped with slip resistance and can be walked on.

The leaf and insect screen protects the light shaft from dirt, leaves and small animals. This keeps the light shaft clean.

Design grating longitudinal profile, stainless steel, can be walked on up to 1.5 kN

Expanded metal grating, galvanised steel, can be walked on up to 1.5 kN

Mesh grating, mesh size 30 x 10 mm, can be walked on up to 1.5 kN, can be driven over, wheel load up to 9 kN

The slanted glass cover made of single-pane safety glass protects the light shaft from rain and facade water. The set includes a hinge and sealing tape for a tight connection to the house wall.