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ACO Profiline X façade channel

Façade drainage

The topic of façade drainage has become increasingly important in recent years, especially for areas with adjoining pavings or construction materials, for example in barrier-free threshold areas. The aim here is to prevent the waterproofing from running behind or rainwater from entering the interior of the building. The ACO Profiline X is particularly suitable for loose laying in the area of roof gardens, on terraces and balconies.

The connection height for structural waterproofing of 15 cm required by DIN 18531 and the flat roof guideline can be reduced to 5 cm by using ACO Profiline X in the door area. Dimensional and length stability are guaranteed by the material and construction.

High-strength material

  • Particularly stable due to glass fibre reinforcement (material PP GF)
  • Easy to shorten (no risk of corrosion)
  • Thermal expansion is taken into account in the composition of the material and the new gutter joint
  • Anthracite colour with discreet gutter edge

Fits for (almost) every application

  • Good load distribution due to large contact surfaces
  • easy to process
  • optimised for storage and transport
  • Direct connection options that can be revised: Stub duct, reveal drain element, eccentric insertion spigot

High-quality façade channel, suitable for a wide range of applications

Façade channels must be resistant to environmental influences and functional, and at the same time they should be visually appealing. House owners also want cost-effective solutions. The new façade channel system from ACO takes all these requirements into account: in the ACO Profiline X, a further development of the ACO Profiline made of metal, the channel is made of corrosion-resistant glass-fibre reinforced plastic (PP-GF), while the stainless steel cover ensures an attractive appearance.

With the successful combination of PP-GF and stainless steel, ACO meets both the changing environmental influences and the desire of many building owners for channel covers made of stainless steel. Another advantage for builders: they can save on the substructure made of expensive stainless steel.

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ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Winner

With the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture, the German Design Council has been able to establish a neutral, international architecture and design competition that for the first time takes the disciplines into account in their interplay.
disciplines in their interplay.

Profiline X received the "Winner" award as an innovative product. The focus of the ICONIC AWARDS is on the holistic staging and interaction of the trades in the context of architecture. Profiline X shows contemporary developments and a high level of design achievement.

Innovative Material: Selection

Profiline X was selected as "Selection" in the superior category Innovative Material. The channel body is made of corrosion-resistant glass-fibre reinforced plastic (PP-GF) and the covers are made of stainless steel. This makes Profiline X particularly corrosion-resistant, durable and robust.

Product details

Made in Germany

  • own development, based on many years of experience in the field of facade channels
  • high quality workmanship
  • own production in Germany

Keeps its promise

  • can be combined with Profiline grates in stainless steel and galvanised versions
  • no contact corrosion
  • new type of grate centring through spacers


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durable and robust

Durable and stackable

In construction, aspects such as environmental protection and sustainability are important. Long life cycles of materials have a sustainable effect on buildings and the environment. Profiline X is characterised not only by a particularly durable material, but also by a timeless design. In addition, it is easily stackable. This reduces the space required for storage and transport.

Innovative grating interlocks

We have paid particular attention to the locking of the mesh grating: Inserting the grating in the façade area is now even easier. The one-sided grating lock has been discreetly integrated into the ACO logo and has an integrated lift-out function.

Different body heights

Profiline X is available in 5 and 7.5 cm fixed construction height. The construction width is 15.5 cm.

Adjustable height

Die Profiline X ist ganz einfach in der Höhe zu verstellen.

Das Verstellset für die Profiline X mit der Bauhöhe 7,5 cm ermöglicht eine Höhenverstellung von 8,5 - 12 cm. Das Set für die Bauhöhe 5 cm ermöglicht eine Höhenverstellung von 6 - 8 cm.

Mounting the cover grating with locking mechanism

The grating is inserted on one side so that it can also be easily pushed under a façade element. Then the previously raised locks are pressed down.

To remove the grating, simply press lightly on the "A" of the ACO logo to unlock the grating. The grate is pushed out of the frame at the same time by raising the latch vertically.

High quality gratings

The new Profiline X fulfils the wish of architects and planners for attractive and high-class façade channels: Here you will find the drainage solution that visually matches the design of the façade, without any restrictions for use.

That is why Profiline X offers the ideal basis for high-quality gratings. It can be combined with all materials. Corrosion through contact with the gutter line is not possible. It forms a durable, weather-resistant construction with both galvanised steel gratings and stainless steel gratings.

Selection of gratings made from stainless steel or galvanized steel

Multiple connection possibilities

Due its thoughtful design, the channel system can be connected directly under any construction circumstances.

The branch channel enables direct or immediate connection to the drainage system: The side wall of the channel body is opened and the branch channel is connected directly to the channel.

If a direct downward connection of the façade gutter is possible, there is an insertion connection Ø 60 mm to DN 100 that can be placed eccentrically in the gutter base. The connection can be positioned very well by turning it.

In the reveal area, a direct connection to the drainage can often only be realised on the channel side. The design allows the soffit drain element to be attached to the side wall of the channel body. It can still be inspected after shoring and can be connected to a DN 100 base pipe.