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ACO Profiline wooden terrace channel

Facade drainage for wooden terraces - The right solution for every requirement

The transition to a wooden terrace is a particularly sensitive area; standing water in this area can cause structural damage in the medium term. Entrance areas without an effective roof and with low threshold constructions are particularly at risk.

The ACO Profiline has been specially adapted to the requirements of wooden terraces: With an overall height of 2 cm, the system fits any plank thickness. With a substructure spacing of 50 cm, the gutter joint is located directly there. The maximum spacing between boards is 70 cm. The drainage slots in the area of the wooden planks are used for fastening.

ACO Profiline channel for wooden terraces

To prevent serious damages to the core of a house, drainage channels must be located in the immediate door area if the connection height of the sealing in the door threshold area is reduced. In addition to the patented ACO Profiline wedge channel, which was specially developed for bridging wedge formations or thermal insulation in the connection area, there is another solution in the ACO façade channel range: the ACO Profiline wooden terrace channel.

All too often, a channel is not used for wooden terraces. Here too, if the connection height of the waterproofing in the threshold area is reduced, the drainage channels must be arranged in the immediate door area. A wooden terrace, like slab coverings or a green roof, is to be regarded as a surface over which the waterproofing must generally be raised 15 cm.

In this way, the requirements of DIN 18195 and the flat roof guideline are also fulfilled here and structural damage is prevented in the long term. With a low construction height of 2 cm, the system fits into any plank thickness. The gutter has a construction width of 13 cm or 15.5 cm and a construction length of 50 cm and 100 cm.

The system

Material: galvanised steel and stainless steel

Construction width: 13 cm
Construction length: 50 and 100 cm

Construction width: 15.5 cm
Construction length: 50, 100, 150 and 200 cm

Overall height: 2 cm

Cover grating: Mesh grating 30 x 10 mm with locking device (recommended)

Accessories: End cap

Variety of gratings
without locking system

Norms and regulations

Many gouvernment have certain normes and regulations for the application of facade channels. These may state that the waterproofing against ground moisture and temporarily accumulating seepage water must be installed 30 cm above the top edge of the ground so that in the final state the waterproofing does not fall below 15 cm from the top edge of the finished covering to the top of the waterproofing. (Note: A structural waterproofing is integrated into the wall construction and may not be visible from the outside).

If the connection height of the waterproofing falls below 15 cm, an efficient drainage system must be provided.

Furthermore, a significant reduction of splash water is required. The wooden decking alone cannot achieve this.