ACO soffit channel

Closed, one-piece façade channel

As a general rule, drainage channels for absorbing water on façades and door or window elements should be arranged as close as possible to rising construction elements or profiles. Furthermore, the size of the drainage channels, the opening cross-section of the cover and the channel body must be selected according to the respective structural conditions.

In order to meet these requirements, especially in the area in front of soffits, ACO Hochbau offers a new solution with the ACO soffit channel. The soffit channel, made of galvanised steel or stainless steel, is available in lengths of up to 2.5 m and heights of at least 5 cm or a maximum of 20 cm. The closed, one-piece special construction has a DN 50 drain socket with a welded socket for connection to the drainage pipe. Cover gratings as mesh grating and longitudinal bar grating complete the new drainage system, which is custom-made according to the structural requirements.

Soffit channels as custom-made products

Particularly in the soffit area at windows at the base of the building, there are always difficulties with the requirement for sealing according to DIN 18533 and the requirements for accessibility according to DIN 18040.

Furthermore, the structural conditions of the building often make it difficult to insert standard drainage channels. For this reason, ACO has included soffit channels in its range of façade drainage as a special design.