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Cleaning your ACO shoe scraper

Cleaning in 3 steps

ACO shoe scrapers enable a well-kept entrance area by reliably ensuring that dirt and soil remain outside the front door. Of course, this does not mean that the shoe scraper system does not need to be cleaned.

We have summarised for you how you can easily clean a shoe scraper in 3 steps.

You will need

  • A hook or similar object with which you can hook under the grate and pull it up vertically
  • A hand brush and a garden shovel, a window squeegee and a rag if needed
  • A bucket
  • If the grate is very dirty, a water hose

Step 1: Remove mat/grating

Insert the hook (or a similar narrow object with "hooks" on the sides) at the end of the mat or grating into one of the slots and turn the hook 90° so that it forms a resistance. Now pull the grate upwards with your hands and then remove it with your hands.

Step 2: Clean mat/grating and Vario base

Sweep off the mat/grating. Get leaves and sand out of the Vario base with a hand brush or by hand. Sweep the edges thoroughly. If the tub is very dirty, you can rinse it out with a garden hose if necessary.

Tip: Take a commercially available window wiper (with rubber lip) and wipe over the mat with pressure. This way you can easily get lint out of the mat and "sweep it up".

Step 3: Replace mat/grating

Almost done - Just put the mat back in place.

Advice: The cleaning instructions are recommendations for action.

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