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Installation of the ACO shoe scraper
for indoor and outdoor use

How to install an ACO shoe scraper?

Loose doormats clean the soles of shoes, but they are also a potential tripping hazard and a life-long struggle to keep them in place. A built-in shoe scraper elegantly solves the problem of flying doormats.

The ACO shoe scraper system consists of two parts. The first is the Vario base made of polymer concrete or plastic, which is embedded in the paving. The base can be used both in new construction and renovation projects. Secondly, there is a large selection of gratings and doormats which can be inserted into the system. The doormat can be used not only in front of the entrance door, but also inside the house. With the ACO shoe scraper for indoor use, a narrow angle frame is used instead of the Vario base, which is optimally matched to the common floor covering heights.

Installation of the Vario base system for outdoor applications

The ACO Vario shoe scraper system for outdoor use absorbs even the roughest dirt and moisture. Installation is extremely easy because only prefabricated elements are used - especially interesting for do-it-yourself construction.

Vario base system step 1: Prepare the substrate

Prepare the substrate so that the upper edge of the ACO shoe scraper Vario is flush with the adjacent surface covering (important for subsequent work!).

Vario base step 2: Set up and align

Place the floor pan of the shoe scraper on the surface and align it.

Vario base system step 3: Insert mat or grating

Insert the shoe scraper mat or the cover grate and check that it is firmly in place.

Vario base system step 4: Working on the surface covering

Then work on the adjacent surface covering.

If connecting to the drainage system, use a PVC pipe (DN 100). The drainage connection makes it more difficult for water to penetrate your house.

Installation of the angle frame for indoor use

The ACO Indoor shoe scraper system gives dirt in the hallway no chance. Your advantage: less work, plus safe protection for your floor coverings. Installation is easy and takes place directly in the moist tile adhesive.

Angle frame system step 1: Place, align and press on

Place the angled frame on the prepared tile adhesive, align and press down.

Angle frame system step 2: Apply tile adhesive

To create a flat support for the mat, apply tile adhesive flush with the lower edge of the frame.

Angle frame system Step 3: Apply the floor covering

Then apply the floor covering. Allow for a narrow expansion joint.

Angle frame system Step 4: Insert the mat

Finally, insert the indoor doormat into the angular frame after the drying phase.

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