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Shoe scraper system for indoor applications

Keep your entrance tidy with the interior ACO shoe scraper

A well-kept entrance area not only ensures a good first impression. An effective shoe scraper system protects your house from dirt and dust. Especially on rainy days, it protects your high-quality floor coverings inside the house.

Outside in front of the entrance, the ACO Self® shoe scraper for outdoor applications helps you to keep rough dirt and dirty water outside. The perfect complement to this is the ACO Indoor shoe scraper. It frees your shoes from fine dirt and remaining moisture.

Shoe scrapers, which are embedded in the flooring don't constantly slide back and forth in the entrance. They save trouble, prevent your floorings from brush marks, fit below any opening door and make cleaning the soles of shoes elegantly easy. ACO offers you a permanently installed shoe scraper system for indoor use that has an extremely flat installation height of only 12 mm. This puts it on a par with many floor coverings, so that the screed does not have to be specially recessed. The ACO shoe scraper indoor can be optimally fitted into the joint pattern and installation is simple.

"It was already clear when we were planning our house that we didn't want to do without such shoe scrapers inside and out. And what can we say THAT was a really good decision on our part! The interior floor mats really absorb a lot of dirt. Because they are recessed, nothing slips, nothing gets stuck under the front door and cleaning is really child's play".

doormat for indoor use, anthracite

The rough surface of the rough-hair ribbed strips absorbs dirt ideally and prevents it from being carried further into the home. Accordingly, the entrance mat is particularly suitable for picking up fine dirt. The anthracite colour looks classy and fits into any entrance area.

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Doormat for indoor use, grey

The doormat is particularly suitable for holding fine dirt. The grey colour is light and modern and creates a friendly entrance area. The rough surface of the rough-hair ribbed strips absorbs the dirt ideally and prevents it from being carried further into the home.

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