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ACO Self Europoint

Point gulies for gardens, driveways and car parks

The ACO Self® modular system has grown: The successful system of linear drainage in private houses, yards and gardens has been expanded to include modular point drainage. Just like the channels, the point drains combine high quality with aesthetic appeal.

When paving stones, pavement slabs or asphalt is used to urbanise the surfaces around buildings, rainwater and wastewater cannot seep away naturally. The frost and de-icing salt resistant ACO Self® point gullies made of polymer concrete offer a simple and practical solution for driveways as well as courtyards and larger parking areas, they ensure that occuring water is collected and drained away. They also ensure reliable water absorption under water taps in the garden.

The car-accessible gratings are visually oriented to the linear drainage system and thus enable a harmonised look. The storage concept is also based on the ACO Self® modular system for linear drainage. The ACO Self® Europoint point drain is characterised by a backflow-proof connection of the construction elements and a high-quality grating locking system.

It meets a wide range of requirements - from simple to standard-compliant installation with regard to frost protection and wastewater height. Leaf traps and sludge buckets can be easily removed and cleaned. ACO Self® point drains are also true all-rounders thanks to the extensive range of accessories for every application and installation situation, such as odour traps, attachments for height compensation and/or connection of a rainwater downpipe.

ACO point drainage for garden areas

ACO Self Europoint, flat version

Equipped with a leaf trap and high-quality odour trap, barrier water height 50mm, for connection to a vertical KG pipe DN 100

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In gardens, the drainage of sealed surfaces - e.g. at paths or patios around the house - can be realised very easily with a point gully. This point gully is also perfect in combination with a water tap from the ACO Rain4me series. So you can reach your destination dry-footed.

ACO point drainage in the driveway

ACO Self Europoint deep version with top box

with dirt bucket, odour trap, barrier water height 50 mm and top box, for horizontal connection to KG pipe DN 100, with lip seal ring

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In the immediate area around houses and their driveways, you will often find water taps and rainwater downpipes. Incorporating a point gully in such a drainage system, solves several requirements together with one product.

Water can be collected and drained systematically. Leaves and dirt from the environment are collected in the integrated, easy-to-clean dirt bucket. Odours from the public sewer system can be can be avoided by adding an ACO odour trap.

ACO point drainage for driveways

ACO Self Europoint deep/ round

With dirt bucket, optional odour trap, barrier water height 100 mm, with lip seal ring and optimally adjustable top section (height, inclination and 360° rotatable).

Configurable with two intermediate parts for standard-compliant frost-proof installation (depth >800 mm).

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Complex installation situations often arise in car-traffic areas of larger residential complexes, where standard-compliant installation defines frost resistance and sufficient waste water heights in odour traps. ACO Self® point drainage offers the right solution for this kind of application.

In addition, the point gully can be adapted very precisely to the surface thanks to its adjustable attachment. The individual car-accessible gratings round off this functional product portfolio.