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ACO Self XtraPoint

Effective solution for patios and driveways

Today, paving stones, pavement slabs or asphalt are the usual way for stabilising the areas around the house as well as the large areas around public or commercial buildings. Since these usually seal the ground, rainwater and wastewater cannot percolate naturally.

In order to prevent puddle formation, the pavements must not only be laid professionally, but it must also be ensured that the surface water is collected and drained away. A simple and practical solution for courtyards, driveways and larger areas are the ACO Self® point gullies. The drivable, frost and de-icing salt resistant drains for waste water and rainwater reliably ensure rapid collection and drainage of surface water at central points of paved surfaces or under water taps in the garden or yard. With the development of new gully bodies and gratings, ACO not only improves the performance of the point drains, but also offers new design options.

ACO Self XtraPoint

The ACO Self® Xtrapoint point drain is made of plastic and car accessbile (B 125). It has a sludge bucket with handle (1.1 litre volume), a modified pavement edge and rotatable gratings. However, the DN 100 outlet is arranged vertically.

Excellent pavement designs without compromises

The newly designed paving edge enables precise paving. With the 90° rotatable grids, the cover can be individually adapted to the joint pattern.

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Iconic award winner 2017
Architecture. Interior. Product. Communication. Concept. A competition for the whole world of architecture.

With their overall approach to the design process, the Iconic Awards establish a new dimension in architectural awards.

Prizes are awarded for visionary buildings, innovative products and sustainable communication from all sectors of architecture, construction and real estate as well as the manufacturing industry. The focus is on the overall staging and interaction of the trades in the context of architecture.

The ACO Self® XtraPoint received the Winner award in the Product category.


ACO Self XtraPoint with plastic grating

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ACO Self XtraPoint with galvanised mesh grating

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