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ACO Rain4me modular system

We don't offer a complete system that is perfect for your needs? No problem, simply configure your own Rain4me system with our modular system components. They are freely selectable within the four module systems of flat tank, top section unit, water management and system components. Numerous possible combinations ensure maximum flexibility. This therefore creates your individual, configured rainwater harvesting: Whether with walk-in or car-accessible cover, whether with centrifugal or clear water pressure pump, whether with built-in tank filter and pneumatic fill level indicator or without: ACO Rain4me rainwater harvesting system will be completed specifically for your property according to your choice.

  • Note: The ACO Therm® reveal window is flood tight but does not replace the pressurised waterproof light well and cannot be an integral component of a permanent building waterproofing according to DIN 18195. It has been tested for installation in water impermeable concrete. The installation instructions and the product information must always be observed!