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Best water quality with ACO know-how

ACO Rain4me offers multiple cleaning stages

Cleaning with rainwater? Or even washing the laundry?

Anyone who has ever cleaned windows knows that rainwater contains pollutants. They come from the air and from the surfaces over which it runs. For clean results in the household, treatment is therefore essential. But even if rainwater is to be used for flushing the toilet or in the garden, it must be purified to prevent odours from organic components such as plant residues.

Five cleaning stages

1. Gutter grille

The gutter grille retains coarser debris such as leaves.

2. In-tank filter

In the case of the two complete "Home and Garden" products, the in-tank filter in the dome attachment filters the pre-purified rainwater with an efficiency of 95 percent.

3. Inlet calmer

The inlet calmer ensures odourless water in the tank by enriching it with oxygen. It also prevents a possible sediment layer from being stirred up at the bottom of the tank. And thanks to the bucket-like design, the smallest foreign substances are "stored" until the tank is cleaned.

4. Overflow siphon

Thanks to the overflow siphon with skimming effect, pollen is skimmed off and directed into the sewer or infiltration system with the excess rainwater.

5. Floating suction filter

The floating suction filter always takes the rainwater at the point of best water quality, namely approx. 3 cm below the water surface.