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ACO Brickslot

Discreet drainage with ACO Brickslot

The slotted gratings of the ACO Brickslot range enable particularly subtle drainage of your outdoor living areas. They blend discreetly into stylishly designed patios and maintain the architectual aesthetics through efficient rainwater drainage. The system prevents ponding and keep all surfaces clean and moisture-free. The slotted tops are available in galvanised steel, stainless steel and plastic.

The Connector Clip ensures a harmonious appearance for the galvanised steel and stainless steel versions. In one simple step, the slotted frames are optimally aligned during installation. This gives you a continuous line for optimal function at all times.

ACO Brickslot

  • Discreet drainage of rainwater
  • Brickslot attachments in stainless steel, galvanized steel or plastic
  • Particular easy handling and installation
  • inspection element enables easy cleaning and maintenance of the channel
  • car accessible
  • lifting aid for inspection elements
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Composition and maintenance of the ACO Brickslot channel system

Maintenance of the ACO Self channels with Brickslot attachments is carried out using an inspection element that is placed directly above the outlet. Depending on the system composition, a half-metre element or a 15 cm element is available for this purpose.

The inspection element should be opened and the channel flushed about twice a year. Depending on local conditions, it is advisable to flush more frequently or to provide a second inspection element at the other end of the channel to facilitate cleaning.

The smaller inspection element is suitable for use on the Hexaline channel body or the Euroline channel body with drain socket in combination with a slotted top 850 mm long. For the plastic slotted frames, there is a small inspection element that fits the Hexaline channel.