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Connecting the ACO Self line drainage system to the base pipe

Drain rainwater reliably with the ACO Self modular system

Water must be drained reliably. ACO offers therefor several options for connecting the drainage system components to the base pipe. With a water flow rate of 6.0 l/s, the inlet box is the most powerful of the drain connections and thus offers more safety against overflow.

Regular cleaning of a drainage system is essential. Heavy soiling can reduce the drainage capacity by more than 50%.
To prevent unpleasant odours from escaping from the base pipe, an optional odour trap can also be inserted into the inlet box.

Connection to the base pipe via an inlet box

Connecting the channel line via an inlet box is particularly convenient. The integrated dirt bucket offers two advantages: Dirt is reliably prevented from entering the base pipe and cleaning is significantly simplified. The connection does not fit the Euroline 60 flat channel.

Required parts:

  • Euroline channel body 38500
  • inlet box without grating 38503
  • odour trap for inlet boxes 01684
  • combination end cap 319288

Connection to the base pipe via a channel element with drainage opening
and moulded connection DN100, optionally with odour trap

Required parts:

Connection to the base pipe via an end cap with DN 100 connection piece

Required parts:

  • Euroline channel body 38500
  • End cap with connection piece 319289
  • Combination end cap 319288

ACO Self Brickslot with inspection element and inlet box

Maintenance of the ACO Self® Brickslot channels is carried out via an inspection element, which is placed directly above the drain. The inspection element should be opened and the channel line flushed about twice a year. Depending on local conditions, it is advisable to flush more frequently or to provide a second inspection element at the other end of the gutter string to facilitate cleaning.

The half-metre revision element fits in perfectly with the overall appearance, as the surrounding paving can also be brought into the trough. At the side, the drainage slot is continued, which ensures that water can also be absorbed via the revision element. With two lifting hooks, the element can be easily opened at a later date. When it is placed directly on the inlet box, cleaning the system is extremely easy with the help of the dirt bucket.

Required parts:

ACO Self Brickslot channel with inspection element

The smaller inspection element is suitable for use on the Hexaline or the Euroline channel body with drain socket in combination with a Brickslot top 850 mm long. The tray can be used with the underside facing upwards as a closed cover. For a particularly inconspicuous solution, the surrounding paving can also be fitted into the tray as an alternative for the smaller inspection element.

Required parts:

  • Euroline channel body 38501
  • Brickslot attachment, length 850cm
    stainless steel, 415844
    galvanised steel, 415840
  • Small inspection element for Brickslot height 105mm
    stainless steel, 415845
    galvanised steel, 415841
  • combination end cap 319288

ACO Self Hexaline with Brickslot attachment

Connection via inspection element

Required parts:

ACO Self Hexaline made from polymer

Connection via end cap with connection piece or vertical drain connection

Required parts:


  • Vertical drain connection 19286
  • Leaf trap 319282
  • Combination end piece 319288