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How to clean an ACO channel

You will need

  • a grate hook or similar object with which you can hook under the grate and pull it up vertically
  • A hand brush and a hand shovel
  • A bucket
  • In case of heavy dirt, rinse with a water hose if necessary

Step 1: Remove the gratings

Insert the grate hook centrally through the grating - if possible, very close to the locking point (see red circle/ not possible with the close-meshed longitudinal bar grating shown here). Turn the grate hook so that a resistance is formed. Pull upwards with force until the grating comes loose. Now pull the grating further upwards with your hands. Gratings that are not older than 30 years have screwless locks, which means that no screw needs to be loosened beforehand. If your gratings still have visible screw locks, loosen them first and then pull upwards on the end of the grating. Now loosen all the gratings one by one.

Step 2: Clean the gutter with a shovel and broom

Use a small shovel to remove the leaves from the channel body. Make sure that you work your way "up the channel" from the drain side so that no more leaves are pushed into the drain. Then sweep the edges thoroughly in the direction of the channel body. Sweep the sand that gets into the channel body down towards the drain. Catch it here with a shovel.

Step 3: Clean the leaf trap

Pull the leaf trap upwards by the handles. Then tap it out at the edge of the bucket. If there is still sand and leaves underneath the leaf trap in the end box, get them out with a sweeper and your hands before you put the leaf trap back in place.

Step 4: Replace the gratings and rinse the channel if necessary

If the channel cannot be cleaned sufficiently with a hand brush and shovel, rinse it out with a garden hose if necessary. You can then put the gratings back in place. To do this, start at one of the ends and place the grating so that the locking devices of the grating and the channel lie on top of each other and the edges of the channel body and the channel are flush. Then step firmly on the grating from above until it locks into place with a "click". For fine adjustment, you can also push the grating forwards or backwards with the foot. Now insert all the other gratings one by one in the same way.

Remark: The cleaning instructions are recommendations for action.