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Supply air rotary wing

Product benefits

  • Coordinated system of body frame, matching special pivoting sash and electric rotary actuator
  • Basis is the well known ACO Therm® 3.0 body frame

Product information

  • With two locking devices
  • Opening angle > 60°
  • As a design parameter, the clear opening of the face frame (supply area) can be used.
  • Can also be used for ventilation purposes
  • With triple glazing
  • Uw value = 0.86 W/(m2K)
  • Rotary casement with three tapes including fitting parts for tape side
  • For utilisation with a Therm 3.0 reveal frame
For framesupply air areaDead stopItem

Width x Height
1000 x 5000.225Left-handed327080
1000 x 6250.324Left-handed327082
1000 x 7500.422Left-handed327084
1000 x 10000.618Left-handed327086
For framesupply air areaDead stopItem

Width x Height
1000 mm x 500 mm0.225 m²Left-handed327080
1000 mm x 625 mm0.324 m²Left-handed327082
1000 mm x 750 mm0.422 m²Left-handed327084
1000 mm x 1000 mm0.618 m²Left-handed327086

ACO Therm® 3.0 rotary drive

Suitable for
  • Ventilation air rotating casement
  • Can be used on the right or left
  • With fittings and fixing material for assembly on casement
  • 24 V drive unit for connecting to customary house control technology
  • Including assembly by professional assembly company
  • Connection to existing installation by a professional must be commissioned separately