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Heating room - tilting casement


Product benefits

  • Largest possible glass area
  • Pure white surface
  • Same colour on frame and casement

Product information

  • With film wrapping to protect the product
  • Including fixing material
  • Toolless installation
  • With toughened glass and galvanised mesh guard for forced ventilation
  • Installation possible without qualified contractor
For frameFree ventilation cross-sectionItem

Width x Height
750 x 5000.034327770
800 x 6000.037327771
1000 x 5000.044327772
1000 x 6250.044327773
1000 x 7500.044327774
1000 x 10000.044327775
For frameFree ventilation cross-sectionItem

Width x Height
750 mm x 500 mm0.034 m²327770
800 mm x 600 mm0.037 m²327771
1000 mm x 500 mm0.044 m²327772
1000 mm x 625 mm0.044 m²327773
1000 mm x 750 mm0.044 m²327774
1000 mm x 1000 mm0.044 m²327775