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Gratings for extension elements closed on 4 sides

For extension elementsDimensionsItem

Image40010004241040 mm375096
12504241340 mm375097
60010006251040 mm375098
12506251340 mm375099
Image40010004241040 mm375102
12504241340 mm375103
60010006251040 mm375104
12506251340 mm375105
40010004241040 mm375108
12504241340 mm375109
60010006251040 mm375110
12506251340 mm375111
70015007231665 cm375112
20007232165 cm375113
For extension elementsDimensionsItem

400 mm1000 mm424 mm1040 mm375096
1250 mm424 mm1340 mm375097
600 mm1000 mm625 mm1040 mm375098
1250 mm625 mm1340 mm375099
400 mm1000 mm424 mm1040 mm375102
1250 mm424 mm1340 mm375103
600 mm1000 mm625 mm1040 mm375104
1250 mm625 mm1340 mm375105
400 mm1000 mm424 mm1040 mm375108
1250 mm424 mm1340 mm375109
600 mm1000 mm625 mm1040 mm375110
1250 mm625 mm1340 mm375111
700 mm1500 mm723 mm1665 cm375112
2000 mm723 mm2165 cm375113