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Installation on perimeter insulation – brick wall

GratingFor lightshaftFor insulation up to...ApplicationItem

Load capacityDepth
walkable400//60060for walls made of concrete35834
walkable400//60080/100for brick-built walls375142
walkable400//600120/140for brick-built walls375143
walkable400//600/700160/180for brick-built walls375144
walkable400//600200/240for brick-built walls375145
GratingFor lightshaftFor insulation up to...ApplicationItem

Load capacityDepth
walkable400 mm//600 mm60 mmfor walls made of concrete35834
80 mm/100 mmfor brick-built walls375142
120 mm/140 mmfor brick-built walls375143
400 mm//600 mm/700 mm160 mm/180 mmfor brick-built walls375144
400 mm//600 mm200 mm/240 mmfor brick-built walls375145

Assembly mortar 300 ml

Suitable for
  • Assembly kits with the Article No. 375144 and 375145