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ACO Vario light shaft design gratings

Design covers made of glass and stainless steel for light shafts
Elegant. Flexible. Individual.

More than just a cover: The ACO Vario Design light shaft cover transports plenty of light into the basements and is also an elegant design object for patio and outdoor areas.

The modular design provides numerous, flexible design options. Even your individual floor covering can be integrated into the enclosure frame of the light well cover - for a harmonious overall impression. The use of accessible and non-slip clear glass surfaces as well as high-quality stainless steelgratings ensures a modern and straightforward look.

Nowadays, cellars are versatile and multifunctional rooms in the house. In addition to the utility rooms for washing machines and dryers, for example, hobby and leisure rooms are often found in the basement. Daylight is irreplaceable here if the basement is to feel like a normal living space. The brighter the rooms, the friendlier they appear and the better the climate.

For the greatest possible incidence of light in the basement, ACO light shafts with a bright white interior provide optimal light reflection. Cellar windows don't have to be small either. ACO offers basement windows for every application and size, with burglary protection and secure against flooding.

  • Individual design
    Various combinations of clear glass, ventilation grates, stainless steel insert profiles and individual coverings possible
  • Slip resistance
    Slip-resistant glass surface (clear glass) in a fine striped look for solid slip resistance (R9)
  • Laminated safety glass
    The laminated safety glass is 34 mm thick, sound-absorbing, resistant to temperature fluctuations and safe against splinters
  • Walkable
    The light shaft cover can be walked on and is safe to walk on.
  • Rust edge cover
    The unsightly white edge of the light shaft is skilfully covered by the Vario Design light shaft cover, creating a high-quality overall impression.
  • Sizes
    The covers are available in the sizes 400 x 1000, 400 x 1250, 600 x 1000 and 600 x 1250 mm.
  • For renovation and new construction
    The Vario light shaft cover fits all ACO Therm® light shafts. Also check the usability on plastic light shafts from other manufacturers


The ACO Vario design light shaft coverwas awarded the PLUS X Award in the categories High Quality, Ease of Use and Functionality.

One of the most important seals of quality for a product is the "High Quality" award. It stands for the best quality and durability of the product. In these respects, the light well cover differs from mass-produced goods and represents an investment in the future.

In addition, the cover convinces with its convenient operation and well thought-out instructions. Since the design light well cover fulfils a group of functions in a particularly efficient and user-friendly manner, it was also awarded the Plus X Award seal of approval for functionality.


Just as unique as your terrace: Design the ACO Vario Design light shaft cover individually according to your wishes. No matter what your requirements are for a light shaft cover - ACO offers a solution that fits your personal style. With individual coverings, mouldings and glass surfaces.


Limitless possibilities: Choose between ready-made combinations or flexibly put together your own ACO Vario Design light shaft cover. A wide range of components is available to you for this purpose.

You can choose different sizes, designs and materials. With the Vario modular system, you have the option of designing your very own cover.


Straightforward elegance right from the start: The new ACO Vario Design light shaft cover blends in completely with the design of your terrace and ensures a harmonious overall appearance. An elegant eye-catcher for your home!

The design light shaft cover consists of high-quality stainless steel modules and walkable VSG clear glass with class R9 slip resistance.


A simple alternative to the Vario design light shaft cover is the design grating.

It impresses with its high-quality appearance, is made entirely of stainless steel and has an extra element to cover the white light shaft edge. In addition, the V-profile bars used are made of solid material without welding, which contributes to a noble overall appearance without disturbing welding points.

Modular system
ACO Vario design light shaft cover

The ACO Vario Design light shaft cover gives you maximum freedom to optimally integrate the light shaft into your patio and garden design.

A special feature is the open frame. Inserts made of stainless steel, anthracite stainless steel or your individual floor covering, such as patio or WPC planks, can be placed here. You can also equip this frame with your tile or stone covering.

Another highlight is the wide range of possible combinations of clear glass, grating and inlay profile. Depending on the intended use, a large glass surface not only allows a high-quality appearance, but also plenty of light in the basement. The grates allow a constant air supply to the basement rooms. A combination of gratings and insert profiles can be perfectly integrated into the terrace design. All variants are safe to walk on and walk around.

An unusual feature here is the further possibility of integrating your own patio covering. For example, instead of stainless steel inserts, decking boards can also be inserted into the cover, thus enabling harmonious integration of the light shaft.

In addition to three different complete packages, the modular system offers you the possibility to design the cover entirely according to your wishes.

Become the designer of your light shaft cover. You can put together your individual cover in just a few steps.