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Cover gratings for overall width 130 mm – galvanised steel/plastic

Product information

  • All gratings are walkable or wheelchair accessible
DimensionsSurfaceLocking deviceItem

Image1000130Galvanised steelYes00276
500130Galvanised steelYes00277
Image1000130Galvanised steelYes38433
500130Galvanised steelYes38432
Image1000130Galvanised steelYes36968
500130Galvanised steelYes36969
Image1000130Galvanised steelNo320050
500130Galvanised steelNo320051
1000130Galvanised steelNo38811
500130Galvanised steelNo38810
1000130Galvanised steelNo320124
500130Galvanised steelNo320125
DimensionsMaterialLocking deviceItem

1000 mm130 mmGalvanised steelYes00276
500 mm130 mmGalvanised steelYes00277
1000 mm130 mmGalvanised steelYes38433
500 mm130 mmGalvanised steelYes38432
1000 mm130 mmGalvanised steelYes36968
500 mm130 mmGalvanised steelYes36969
1000 mm130 mmGalvanised steelNo320050
500 mm130 mmGalvanised steelNo320051
1000 mm130 mmGalvanised steelNo38811
500 mm130 mmGalvanised steelNo38810
1000 mm130 mmGalvanised steelNo320124
500 mm130 mmGalvanised steelNo320125
1000 mm130 mmPlasticNo320310