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Gratings for gully tops made of stainless steel

Product information

  • All constructions can be walked on and are suitable for wheelchairs
DimensionsSurfaceMaterialLocking deviceItem

Image300300stainless steelPickledYes320046
400400stainless steelPickledYes38573
500500stainless steelPickledYes38574
300300stainless steelPickledNo320045
400400stainless steelPickledNo38583
500500stainless steelPickledNo38584
Image300300stainless steelBrushedNo320047
400400stainless steelBrushedNo38589
500500stainless steelBrushedNo38590
Image300300stainless steelBrushedNo320048
400400stainless steelBrushedNo38592
500500stainless steelBrushedNo38593
DimensionsMaterialLocking deviceItem

300 mm300 mmstainless steelPickledYes320046
400 mm400 mmstainless steelPickledYes38573
500 mm500 mmstainless steelPickledYes38574
300 mm300 mmstainless steelPickledNo320045
400 mm400 mmstainless steelPickledNo38583
500 mm500 mmstainless steelPickledNo38584
300 mm300 mmstainless steelBrushedNo320047
400 mm400 mmstainless steelBrushedNo38589
500 mm500 mmstainless steelBrushedNo38590
300 mm300 mmstainless steelBrushedNo320048
400 mm400 mmstainless steelBrushedNo38592
500 mm500 mmstainless steelBrushedNo38593
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