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ACO Self shoe scrapers
For indoor and outdoor use

Design your entrance

The first impression is crucial - especially in the entrance area of a house. The entrance of your home acts like your business card. A well-maintained and well-designed entrance therefore allways includes an effective doormat system.

ACO offers professional solutions that combine high variability, functionality and visual appeal.
It is recommended to combine one shoe scraper for the exterior and one for the interior. The ACO Vario shoe scraper for outside use absorbs moisture and rough dirt. Then, the ACO indoor shoe scraper removes dust and fine dirt. This keeps your entrance clean and protects your high-quality floor coverings.

Shoe wipers that don't constantly slide back and forth in the entrance save trouble, prevent dirt around the mat and make cleaning the soles of your shoes elegantly easy. ACO doormats lie slip-proof in the frame and are embedded into the floor at ground level during installation. This makes it easy to design the entrance area without barriers.
With its low construction height, the Indoor shoe scraper fits perfectly into the tiled appearance of your entrance and never blocks the door. The high-quality, durable shoe wipers contribute to a sustainable building concept.

The installation of the ACO shoe wipers for outdoor and indoor use is simple and possible for new buildings as well as for renovations.

ACO shoe scrapers @emselbams

"We would plan and install this system with its base and mat exactly the same way again and again, as it is not only useful but also super chic in our opinion! We haven't regretted installing three shoe scrapers in our house for a second. The doormats are super easy to clean, don't slip and always look neat and tidy."

@emselbams on Instagram

Different materials and designs

Available in various materials and designs, the mats blend perfectly into the overall picture. There are various designs to choose from:

Shoe scraper versions for outdoor areas with a roof

Vario Rips in anthracite

The classic doormat with rough-hair ribbed stripes in anthracite. The firm surface structure is dimensionally stable and resistant to abrasion with good dirt pick-up.

Vario Rips in light grey

The shoe doormat with rough hair ribbed stripes in light grey has a particularly elegant look. The shoe scraper mat is robust and dimensionally stable with good dirt absorption.

Vario Rips with brush strips in anthracite

The rough-hair rep strips in combination with brush strips are particularly suitable for picking up fine dirt. The doormat is robust and durable.

Vario Rips with cassette brushes in light grey

The rough-hair rep strips in combination with cassette brushes ensure particularly thorough cleaning. They rub off extra coarse dirt and reliably pick up fine dirt.

Shoe scrapers for outdoor areas with or without a roof

Vario rubber in black

Grooved rubber strips make this doormat particularly resistant and weatherproof. The doormat is also suitable for the abrasion of coarse dirt in outdoor areas without roof.

Mesh grating with V-bar design

The mesh grating with V-bar is an effective step-off grate for cleaning shoes. The diagonally arranged bars are robust and reliably rub off coarse dirt.

Expanded metal grating

The expanded metal grating is an easy and reliable way to remove dirt from your shoes. The grating is made ​of galvanised steel, strong and durable.

Mesh grating

The mesh grating is available in mesh sizes 30/30 and 30/10. It has a clear structure and straight lines and reliably removes coarse dirt. The mesh gratings are robust and resistant.

ACO shoe scrapers at interior_by_jj

"Due to the lack of a roof at our front door, the doormat was constantly wet, dirty and very difficult to clean. When we saw the shoe scrapers from ACO, we were immediately in love. You can change the inserts at will, take them out and clean them without much effort. Simply hose them down with the water hose and, thanks to the integrated drain, the dirt simply runs off. In addition, the shoe scraper is flush with the paving stones, so you can't trip over it or get caught. The size (500 x 1000 mm) together with the design convinced us straight away. Simple and yet an absolute eye-catcher. We would choose the same again at any time."

interior_by_jj on Instagram

Your individually designed shoe scraper

With the Vario shoe scraper with personalised name, special accents can be set. Exclusive design and high functionality are combined here. The mat with rough-hair ribbed strips removes fine dirt effectively and is particularly hard-wearing. The high-quality stainless steel profile accepts any individual lettering and makes the doormat unique. The personal shoe scraper mat is available in all three standard sizes in the finish ribbed anthracite.

"The shoe scraper is flush with the paving stones so you can't trip over it or get caught."

Various applications

The available standard sizes of 60 x 40 cm, 75 x 50 cm and 100 x 50 cm enable an installation under almost any condition. They are not only used in new buildings but are also ideal for renovation projects. Thanks to the simple installation, they are also ideally suited for do-it-yourselfers.

The construction height of the Vario floor pans is designed for the usual paving height of 8 cm. This means that there is usually no need to adjust the subfloor.

Vario base made of polymer concrete

The polymer concrete Vario base is available in three standard sizes with integrated steel frame and drain opening. The Vario base is particularly robust, durable and easy to clean. All Vario mats and grates can be recessed into this base.

Vario base light made of plastic

The plastic Vario base in the colour concrete grey is available in the size 60 x 40 cm. It is light and stable and suitable for all Vario inserts.

ACO angle frame made of aluminium

The angle frame can be used outdoors and indoors for special construction heights of floor coverings. It has a height of 2.65 cm and is therefore suitable for coarser stone coverings, for example. All Vario inlays are suitable here.

Shoe scrapers for indoor use

The ACO Vario shoe scraper provides protection outside the entrance to the house. The perfect complement to this is the ACO shoe scraper for indoor use.

The shoe scraper system for indoor use has an extremely low installation height of only 12 mm. This puts it on a par with many floor coverings, so that the screed does not have to be specially recessed. The ACO shoe scraper indoor can be fitted flat into the joint pattern. The rough surface of the rough-hair ribbed strips ideally absorb dirt and prevent it from being carried further into your home. They are particularly suitable for picking up fine dirt.

It is recommended to combine one shoe scraper outside and one inside. The ACO shoe scraper Vario absorbs moisture and coarse dirt outdoors. The ACO shoe scraper for indoor use removes dust and fine dirt. This keeps your entrance clean and protects your high-quality floor coverings.

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