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Vario shoe scraper gratings

Product information

  • For Vario and Vario Light matwell and angle frame
  • The actual dimension is respectively 10 mm smaller than the stated dimensions
  • Gratings and mat surfaces sit loosely
  • All versions are walkable
MaterialUsed withDimensionsItem

Länge x BreiteHeight
ImageGalvanised steel600 x 4002001207
750 x 5002001208
1000 x 5002001209
ImageGalvanised steel600 x 4002082406
750 x 5002082407
ImageGalvanised steel600 x 4002082403
750 x 5002082404
ImageGalvanised steel600 x 4002082409
750 x 5002082410
MaterialUsed withDimensionsItem

Länge x BreiteHeight
Galvanised steel600 x 400 mm20 mm01207
750 x 500 mm20 mm01208
1000 x 500 mm20 mm01209
Galvanised steel600 x 400 mm20 mm82406
750 x 500 mm20 mm82407
Galvanised steel600 x 400 mm20 mm82403
750 x 500 mm20 mm82404
Galvanised steel600 x 400 mm20 mm82409
750 x 500 mm20 mm82410