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ACO Gravel Grid

Gravel plates - an ecological reinforcement system

The ACO gravel grid is an ecological reinforcement system that can be used to stabilise gravel and chippings in an environmentally friendly and visually appealing way. The gravel and chippings reinforcement system is designed to create a strong and stable surface for the professional installation of graveled surfaces and to prevent ruts and puddle formation.

The ACO Gravel Grid is suitable for fixing areas of gravel and chippings. The honeycomb structure holds the gravel securely in place. This creates permeable surfaces without ruts. Properly laid, a stable surface is created that can be walked on and driven over and helps rainwater to infiltrate naturally to the ground. A customised design is possible with fine chippings or decorative gravel. Another advantage: thanks to the water permeability, lower water fees are incurred.

Why use permeable surfaces?

The use of unpermeable materials for public or private surfaces and roads has extensive consequences for the water cycle. When ground surfaces are covered with asphalt or paving, rainwater no longer percolates naturally into the soil. Instead, all rainfall must be drained away via the sewage system. Extreme weather events such as heavy rainfall can thus lead to flood risks and overload the sewage system, threatening backwater and flooding.

But unpermeable soil coverings do not only have an effect on the surface. If too little water seeps into the soil, the groundwater level drops. At the same time, too little moisture is released into the air. Without the cooling effect of evaporation, the temperature in summer rises noticeably, especially in large cities with many paved surfaces that store heat.

On the subject of using permeable pavements, please also take a look at the ACO grass grid.

ACO Gravel Grid Heavy Duty
Suitable for high load classes and heavy traffic

Construction projects that require a higher surface load are no longer bound to environmentally unfriendly pavings: The ACO Gravel Grid Heavy Duty is the suitable solution and offers a sustainable way to infiltrate rainwater to the soil instead of wasting it to the public sewer system. Surfaces or paths for mobile homes, SUVs and also trucks in use category G can be equipped with this gravel reinforcement system. The rainwater can seep away on site and contributes to the recharge of groundwater.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable
Grids made from 100 % recycled plastic (PP)

The ACO Gravel Grid boards show that a functional product and sustainable production do not have to be mutually exclusive. Because the grids are made of 100 % recycled plastic (PP). Areas can be laid out without usual pavings with the ACO Gravel Grid eco versions. In combination with the recycled material, the entire project has a better CO2 balance and reduces plastic waste.

Influencer Ulli reports online on her Instagram channel #unserplanb and the blog of the same name about her house construction - as she says herself about "living, planning, developing. And loving."
She opted for a natural garden for her modern house. One highlight is the terrace, which was not created with paving stones or tiles but consists of an unsealed gravel surface:

"We didn't have a gird under the gravel at first. That didn't work for us because it feels like walking through soft sand on the beach. Now with the gravel grid it's much more stable and it doesn't all slide away."

Unserplanb on Instagram