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Channel body made of polymer concrete - Euroline 60 - shallow channel with socket

Product benefits

  • Channel body made of polymer concrete
  • With V-shaped cross-section
  • Free channel cross-section
  • Boltless locking
  • Sealable as per EN 1433

Product information

  • Conforms to the Building Products Directive (CE)
  • Car trafficable
  • Nominal size 100 mm
  • 1 m channel element with integral socket DN 100 for connection to the pipe system

End cap

Suitable for
  • Euroline 60 shallow channel
  • For the channel male and female end
  • Made of polymer concrete
  • Without socket

Grating hook

Suitable for
  • Cover gratings with screwless stop

Water seal

Suitable for
  • Channel systems:
  • Galaline
  • Euroline
  • Self 200
  • Euromini
  • Hexaline 2.0
  • Hexaline
  • For sealing the channelbody
  • 300 ml