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Standard gratings

MaterialDimensionsClassSize of the inlet openingInlet cross-sectionItem

ImageGalvanised steel1000118Car trafficable9729310310
500118Car trafficable9729310311
Stainless steel1000118Car trafficable9729310312
500118Car trafficable9729310313
ImageGalvanised steel1000118Car trafficable1246838516
500118Car trafficable1246838517
ImageSlip-proof Microgrip grating made of plastic1000118Car trafficable8254319250
500118Car trafficable8254319251
ImageElectropolished stainless steel1000118Car trafficable12468310307
500118Car trafficable12468310308
ImageGalvanised steel, anthracite powder coated1000118Car trafficable1246810305
500118Car trafficable1246810306
ImageCast iron EN-GJS500118B 12512470310309
MaterialDimensionsSize of the inlet openingInlet cross-sectionItem

Galvanised steel1000 mm118 mm9 mm729 cm²/m310310
500 mm118 mm9 mm729 cm²/m310311
Stainless steel1000 mm118 mm9 mm729 cm²/m310312
500 mm118 mm9 mm729 cm²/m310313
Galvanised steel1000 mm118 mm12 mm468 cm²/m38516
500 mm118 mm12 mm468 cm²/m38517
Slip-proof Microgrip grating made of plastic1000 mm118 mm8 mm254 cm²/m319250
500 mm118 mm8 mm254 cm²/m319251
Electropolished stainless steel1000 mm118 mm12 mm468 cm²/m310307
500 mm118 mm12 mm468 cm²/m310308
Galvanised steel, anthracite powder coated1000 mm118 mm12 mm468 cm²/m10305
500 mm118 mm12 mm468 cm²/m10306
Cast iron EN-GJS500 mm118 mm12 mm470 cm²/m310309