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MaterialUsed withDimensionsClassSize of the inlet openingInlet cross-sectionItem

Stainless steel1000118Car trafficable82293004020
500118Car trafficable81143004032
ImageStainless steel1000118Car trafficable644010323
500118Car trafficable644010324
Stainless steel1000118Car trafficable63653003856
500118Car trafficable61823003857
Galvanised steel1000118Car trafficable63653003858
500118Car trafficable61823003859
Stainless steelRetainer for wood100011812228310314
Stainless steelRetainer for stone100011810190310317
Stainless steelRetainer for tiles100011810190310315
Cast iron EN-GJS500118B 125447310319
Cast iron EN-GJS500118B 1256224310321
MaterialDimensionsSize of the inlet openingInlet cross-sectionItem

Stainless steel1000 mm118 mm8 mm229 cm²/m3004020
500 mm118 mm8 mm114 cm²/m3004032
Stainless steel1000 mm118 mm6 mm440 cm²/m10323
500 mm118 mm6 mm440 cm²/m10324
Stainless steel1000 mm118 mm6 mm365 cm²/m3003856
500 mm118 mm6 mm182 cm²/m3003857
Galvanised steel1000 mm118 mm6 mm365 cm²/m3003858
500 mm118 mm6 mm182 cm²/m3003859
Stainless steel1000 mm118 mm12 mm228 cm²/m310314
500 mm118 mm12 mm228 cm²/m310324
1000 mm118 mm10 mm190 cm²/m310317
500 mm118 mm10 mm190 cm²/m310327
1000 mm118 mm10 mm190 cm²/m310315
500 mm118 mm10 mm190 cm²/m310325
Cast iron EN-GJS500 mm118 mm447 cm²/m310319
Cast iron EN-GJS500 mm118 mm6 mm224 cm²/m310321