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Rain4me Garden basic flat tank

Product benefits

  • Sophisticated filter technology for good water quality already included in scope of supply
  • Convenient water withdrawal via water connection
  • Active drinking water protection
  • Ideal for plants and animals
  • Simple installation

Product information

  • Rain4me Flat Tank
    • Material: PE-LLD (solid material)
    • 100 percent recyclable
    • Made in Germany
    • 25 year guarantee*
  • Scope of supply:
    • Filter roof gutter mesh 20 metre
    • Calmed inlet
    • ACO Rain4me flat tank
    • Penstock dome with walk-on cover
    • Floating suction filter
    • Overflow syphon
    • Water connection box
    • Jet centrifugal pump (for erection outside the tank)
DimensionsLoad capacityInstallationItem

Total volume: 2000 l
Image223012401250Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103500
Image22308501860Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103600
Total volume: 4000 l
Total volume: 6000 l
Total volume: 8000 l
DimensionsLoad capacityInstallationItem

Inlet height Z1: 2000 l
2230 mm1240 mm1250 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103500
2230 mm850 mm1860 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103600
Inlet height Z1: 4000 l
Inlet height Z1: 6000 l
Inlet height Z1: 8000 l