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Rain4me House and garden professional flat tank

Product benefits

  • Sophisticated filter technology for good water quality already included in scope of supply
  • Smart pre-filtering system with roof gutter mesh and self-cleaning filter inside the dome
  • Needs-based refilling of empty tank with drinking water
  • No build up of lime scale
  • Saves washing up liquid

Product information

  • Rain4me Flat Tank
    • Material: PE-LLD (solid material)
    • 100 percent recyclable
    • Made in Germany
    • 25 year guarantee*
  • Scope of supply:
    • Filter roof gutter mesh 20 m
    • Tank built-in filter (in penstock dome)
    • Calmed inlet
    • ACO Rain4me flat tank
    • Higher penstock dome with walk-on cover
    • Floating suction filter
    • Overflow syphon
    • Clean water pressure pump (in tank)
    • Closure for wall penetration
    • Fully automatic rainwater centre with pump (in house)
    • Identification material
DimensionsLoad capacityInstallationItem

Image223012401470Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103530
Image22308501860Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103630
Image223024801470Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103536
Image446012401470Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103531
Image223017001860Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103636
Image44608501860Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103631
Image223037201470Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103537
Image669012401470Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103532
Image223025501860Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103637
Image66908501860Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103632
Image223049601470Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103538
Image892012401470Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103533
Image223034001860Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103638
Image89208501860Accessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103633
DimensionsLoad capacityInstallationItem

2230 mm1240 mm1470 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103530
2230 mm850 mm1860 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103630
2230 mm2480 mm1470 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103536
4460 mm1240 mm1470 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103531
2230 mm1700 mm1860 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103636
4460 mm850 mm1860 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103631
2230 mm3720 mm1470 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103537
6690 mm1240 mm1470 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103532
2230 mm2550 mm1860 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103637
6690 mm850 mm1860 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103632
2230 mm4960 mm1470 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103538
8920 mm1240 mm1470 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Horizontal103533
2230 mm3400 mm1860 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103638
8920 mm850 mm1860 mmAccessible cover (max. 200 kg)Upright103633