Rain4me House and garden professional flat tank

Product benefits

  • Sophisticated filter technology for good water quality already included in scope of supply
  • Smart pre-filtering system with roof gutter mesh and self-cleaning filter inside the dome
  • Needs-based refilling of empty tank with drinking water
  • No build up of lime scale
  • Saves washing up liquid

Product information

  • Rain4me Flat Tank
    • Material: PE-LLD (solid material)
    • 100 percent recyclable
    • Made in Germany
    • 25 year guarantee*
  • Scope of supply:
    • Filter roof gutter mesh 20 m
    • Tank built-in filter (in penstock dome)
    • Calmed inlet
    • ACO Rain4me flat tank
    • Higher penstock dome with walk-on cover
    • Floating suction filter
    • Overflow syphon
    • Clean water pressure pump (in tank)
    • Closure for wall penetration
    • Fully automatic rainwater centre with pump (in house)
    • Identification material