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Rainwater harvesting: Use your rain

Rainwater harvesting with ACO Rain4me

Clean water is precious. Worldwide, 15 times more groundwater is consumed than new water is formed. Thus, the groundwater level is continuously sinking. On the other hand, heavy rainfall events ensure that there is an abundance of water for a short time.

Store the rainwater in your garden and use it as needed. Up to 50 percent of drinking water can be saved by using rainwater! At the same time, rainwater harvesting protects your pipes and household appliances, as rainwater is particularly low in chalk. Pets and plants will be thankful for such kind of water as well.

With the use of rainwater, the valuable resource is conserved - and, incidentally, your wallet as well.

Water savings through rainwater harvesting

Get active and save drinking water!

If you care about the environment, make sure you use water responsibly. You can reduce your personal water consumption by changing your habits and also by using more rainwater instead of drinking water.

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Funding opportunities for Rainwater harvesting

With the ACO Rain4me rainwater harvesting system, rainwater can be used to water plants in the garden as well as for use in the house and garden. This rainwater utilisation conserves the valuable resource of drinking water.

Local authorities of many countries already support this kind of project and promote or prescribe the use of a rainwater harvesting system. Ask your local authorities directly about the possibilities available to you.

ACO Rain4me complete systems

ACO has put together four complete systems for harvesting rainwater for your garden and also for domestic rainwater use, a simple solution and a more complex one. Each is available with either a flat tank or a cistern. Regardless of which system you opt for, you can rely on the excellent quality of ACO systems and no longer have to worry about the details. Harvesting rainwater couldn't be any easier!

Flat tank complete systems Cistern complete systems

Rain4me modular system

We don't offer a complete system that is perfect for your needs?

No problem, simply configure your own Rain4me system with our modular system components. All of the modular components can be combined as required. ACO flattanks can moreover be linked to eachothers until you reach your individual volume of water storage. You can choose from a wide range of combination options.

How to configure your customised rainwater harvesting system:


  • Your tank
  • A top section and filters
  • Other system components
  • A pump set
  • A water connection type

And easily order your customised ACO Rain4me system.

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